Christine Caine’s “Must Haves” to Sustain Your Success in Ministry (Part 3)

Here’s the final part to Christine Caine’s talk to the staff at Celebration Church. Read Part 1 and 2 here and here.

Passion is Not a Job or Obligation

  • You’ll go further on fumes of passion than one million dollars.
  • With passion, you’ll get more buy in from people and volunteers.
  • At this level, no one is going to stir passion up for you.
    • Got to learn to do it on your own.
  • Need a gut-level gladness.
  • Passion is a heart issue. It is internally regulated.
    • Colossians 3:23
    • If the heart is established, it cannot be shaken.
      • Only things that can be shaken will be.

It’s About the Bigger Picture

  • Not about position in church.
    • Instead a “whatever attitude.” In it for the bigger picture.
  • Constantly keep bigger picture in mind. Constantly die to self.

Don’t Live a Compartmentalized Life

This point is related to how do you juggle so many things at one time. If you’re involved in full-time ministry, sometimes it’s hard to separate “church life” from “home life.” Christine touches on this point; saying not to view your life as compartmentalized.

  • Your life isn’t compartmentalized (e.g. church life, spouse life, extracurricular life, etc.), it’s interconnected.
  • There’s no conflict when your heart is established (interconnected, not compartmentalized).
    • You are not taking away from one or the other.
  • You don’t have multiple lives (e.g. church, spouse, friend). You have one life.
    • A life in Christ. Everything orbits around that.
  • Don’t build extraordinary churches on ordinary commitment.

You Lose Passion When . . .

Brian Houston reminds the staff at Hillsong that he would take passion, an attitude of gratitude and submission over gifts and talents any day.

  • Get bored.
    • You forget your first love (Revelation 2:4).
    • You think it’s all about you and not the bigger picture.
  • Isolate yourself or become lonely.
  • Insecure
    • In a church that ebbs and flows, your ability to be flexible and navigate those ebbs determines your longevity on the team.
    • Lots of people leave because of insecurity; they’re not getting the spotlight.
      • Equivalent of an adolescent temper tantrum.
    • Stay secure in Christ.
  • Laziness
    • Psalm 127:1
    • There’s always work involved in building God’s house.
  • Procrastination
  • Lust
    • Desire to have something that’s not yours to have (now or ever).
    • Keep eyes in your own lane.