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My Freshly Review (28 Days of Outsourced Cooking)

I hate cooking.

Abhor and despise could also be used interchangeably. So when I stumbled across a meal delivery service, Freshly, with a much different approach than season veterans like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or EveryPlate, I was eager to give them a try.

With Freshly, you literally just pop a meal in the microwave for a few minutes and it’s ready to eat. It’s a prepared meal delivery service versus meal delivery kit services (that require you still prepare and cook the ingredients).

Given how much internal grumbling happens when I have to meal plan, grocery shop, cook, and clean up, I pounced at the thought of having a pre-made meal in just three minutes.

So for 28 days, I outsourced nine meals a week to Freshly.

Here’s what it’s like eating microwaved meals for a month … and whether I would recommend Freshly or not.

How Does a Microwaved Meal Taste?

This was my biggest question. The answer, shockingly, is that Freshly meals taste great coming out of a microwave (you can also bake them if you’d prefer).

Seriously, if I plated a Freshly meal, I don’t think the average person would know it was microwaved. Friends and family who have tried Freshly have agreed.

And even random people on Facebook!

I recommended Freshly to a friend asking for meal delivery service recommendations and someone else followed up with this:

They are pre-made meals you heat up in the microwave and they are DELICIOUS.

And for someone who is prone to eating out a lot (of the unhealthy variety), Freshly meals provide a much healthier and more convenient alternative. While I joke that prepared delivery services like Freshly have added years to my lifespan, there’s probably some truth to it. I’m a lot less anxious or stressed when it comes to meal time and I’m eating healthier than I would otherwise.

Freshly Discount

Get $50 off your first three weeks (almost $17 off per week). This is the best discount you’ll find online for Freshly.

FYI: They don’t have to be consecutive weeks. You can skip weeks and only order when you want. You can also cancel after the first week—there’s no obligation to order three times.

Note: If you order your first box using any of the links in this post, you’ll get a generous discount and I’ll get a small commission. It’s a win-win for both of us! And please know I wrote this review before I knew I could earn a commission. It’s genuinely my honest, unbiased experience.

Is Freshly Worth It? Who Is It For?

Obviously, if you’re like me and hate everything about eating that’s not the actual eating part, then Freshly is worth checking out. But as I’ve talked to friends and family about Freshly, many of them have also been interested for other reasons.

They’re easy meal options for people coming out of the hospital (giving birth, surgeries, etc.). Another friend knows there are certain weeks where she’ll be too busy or stressed to cook for her family, so plans on taking a “cooking vacation” using Freshly. It’s also a worthwhile option if you’re going out of town and need to ensure your spouse/kids stay alive while you’re gone. ?

For me though, the biggest win is saved time and mental energy. Freshly is uber convenient. If you add up all the time you’d spend planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, each Freshly meal probably saves you at least an hour (if not more). That’s an extra hour a day to spend with your spouse, kiddos, friends, pursuing your hobbies, etc.

In a post-pandemic society with COVID-19 severely changing peoples’ day-to-day, saved time and mental energy become even more valuable to families.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve gone from being a working parent to a working, stay-at-home parent also in charge of three children’s remote education and meals. There’s just not enough hours in the day. The meals serve as a pressure-release valve for already-hectic work weeks.

Jackie D.

It’s an amazing feeling opening the refrigerator, grabbing a meal, and eating a few minutes later. It’s the convenience of fast food and knowing it’s good for you.

Freshly is also great if you need a break from your typical meal rotation. I know I can eat tacos only so many times in a month before I get sick of them.

Having tried it for a month, I can confidently say it’s worth it for me. I have less anxiety, more time, and eat way healthier. I’m not kidding you when I say figuring out what to eat each week was a stressful process for me. And their prices are actually cheaper than similar, prepared meal delivery companies.

Freshly Discount

Try Freshly and get $50 off your first three weeks. It’s a low-cost way to test drive Freshly and cheaper than eating out (plus way more convenient). You can also skip weeks as needed. There’s no need to order three weeks in a row.

How does Freshly work?

It’s really simple and straightforward—aided by a fantastic website. They get major bonus points for designing a website (and smartphone app) that’s incredibly easy to use.

1. Pick Your Meal Plan

Your choices are 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals per week (ranging from $11.49 to $8.49 per meal). I go with six meals per week and try to get a variety of meal types (beef, pork, bowls, seafood, etc.) for some variety.

2. Pick a Delivery Date

Freshly delivers throughout the week. Your first delivery will happen on that day of the following week. I have mine delivered on Wednesdays and the box usually arrives between noon and 3:00pm CST. If you’re not home when it’s delivered, the box will keep for an additional 12 hours.

You can also change the delivery date (my options are Wednesday through Saturday) for any given week which has been handy for me. I travel regularly for work so can easily adjust the delivery date for when I’m actually at home.

You can also skip weeks if needed.

3. Choose Your Meals

As of January 2021, you can choose from 38 entrees with new meals being introduced every couple weeks (including 10 newly introduced FreshlyFit meals that are more carb conscious). Although, sometimes they’re calling meals “new” when all they’ve done is make some minor changes (like shift up the side).

Freshly Discount

Choose 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals and get $50 off your first three weeks. Try some of my favorites (they’ll be pre-selected for you!) and let me know what you think.

The chicken meals with full breasts (versus meals using pre-cut chicken) are generally the most filling. While I never finish a meal still feeling hungry, I do wish the portions were larger on some of them. This might not be an issue though depending on how much you typically eat.

Long-Term Observations

While I originally wrote this post after eating Freshly meals every week for a month, I’ve continued using Freshly most months since May 2016. That’s how I stumbled across some of the observations below …

The Positive Observations

Up first, Freshly’s customer service is top notch and extremely generous.

I emailed them about a meal that was noticeably off from what I’d eaten in the past (the only time it’s happened in over 300+ meals) . Without me asking, they promptly gave me credit. I thought that was a nice gesture. It made me wonder if they’d give you a credit for a meal you didn’t enjoy.

Which led me to take advantage of their text support option one day while I was feeling a little goofy (as you’ll kind of gather from the text thread).

Another time, the deadline to skip a week was earlier than expected because of a holiday. I didn’t realize that and had a box shipped to me when I didn’t want it. After reaching out, they gave me a credit for the entire box! (They’ve actually done this twice now when both times were my fault for not paying attention to when I would be in town.)

A bunch of things have really stood out:

  • The proactive credits I mentioned above.
  • They’ve replied to every question I’ve tweeted at them.
  • They rolled out a feature on their website to let you rate meals.
  • I’ve seen them try different meal sleeves, insulation materials, cooling packs, and film.
  • They send out feedback surveys.

All of that plus a website/app that’s heads and shoulders above their competition communicates a company that values excellence. From the outside looking in, I’ve been really impressed with how Freshly operates.

Now that I’ve been a regular Freshly customer since 2016, I’ve found every third week is the right frequency so I don’t get sick of the meals. In the off weeks, I rotate between other prepared meal delivery services (see the alternatives section below).

Also, only having to wash cups and silverware has been one word, glorious!

The Not So Positive

As much as I genuinely love and highly recommend Freshly, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. A few negative things I’ve noticed include:

  • A noticeable decrease in seafood options. From regularly having mahi mahi, cod, or shrimp options to none (as of this writing). And if there are seafood options, they’re meals made with seafood (e.g. crab cakes) instead of whole seafood entrees (e.g. cod fillets).
  • A decrease in shredded beef quality. It’s less shredded beef and more mushy beef.
  • An increase in pre-cut, chicken-based meals. IMHO, the quality of the pre-cut chicken isn’t as high as the chicken used in meals with uncut chicken breasts. Granted, the taste and quality of these meals are still good just not as good as their full chicken breast counterparts.

Freshly Alternatives

If you enjoy the act of cooking and want to save time on grocery shopping and meal planning then Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or EveryPlate are great options. But if you’re looking for simplicity, convenience, and consistency (I lost count of how many Hello Fresh meals I’ve ruined), prepared meal delivery services are the winner.

In addition to Freshly, here are some of the other ones I’ve tried:

  • RealEats: Easily the best tasting service I’ve tried (also with the least packaging waste). Get 25% off your first order with my link and the code GETREAL25.
  • Factor: Better tasting (and larger protein portions) but pricer than Freshly. Get $90 off your first three orders with the code NEWTOFACTOR90.
  • The Good Kitchen: Didn’t like the meals so can’t recommend.
  • Nourish Foods: Haven’t tried them but look similar to Freshly.

Currently, I rotate between Freshly, RealEats, and Factor every three weeks to keep me from getting burnt out on any one service.

Another alternative to Freshly would be local food delivery services. It seems a lot of catering business also provide this type of service. Before trying Freshly, I found one in Nashville that was decent. The food definitely wasn’t as healthy or conveniently packaged, but it was still good. Had I not found Freshly, I probably would’ve continued with the local service.


From a value standpoint, Freshly is easily my favorite prepared meal delivery service (of the six I’ve tried) and the one I recommend to people first.

The things that stand out to me include:

  1. It’s the cheapest service I’ve tried.
  2. It provides the most meal options for better variety.
  3. The meals taste great.
  4. An overall great experience (from the website, to the app, to their customer service).

If you’re in the market, I don’t think you can go wrong with Freshly.

Freshly Discount

But don’t take my word for it, try Freshly yourself. Save $50 off your first three weeks (almost $17 off per week). If you don’t like the meals, you can cancel after the first week.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments (or would also love to hear your experience if you’ve tried Freshly).

381 replies on “My Freshly Review (28 Days of Outsourced Cooking)”

I LOVEEEE Freshly! It’s literally changed my life, in a way. Meal prep and planning always made me a little stressed. the age-old question “what’s for dinner” is no longer spoken. My son is 17, is a body builder and very active. The portions are just enough for him. Sometimes, I don’t finish mine, so I feel they’re just right. Anyhow…I can’t way enough good things about freshly.

Thank you for the review. I already signed up and am anxiously awaiting my first order. I have already tried hello fresh and home chef. Although I loved the food I also found they take too long to prepare and then of course also the clean up. Didn’t work well for us. I am really hopeful about freshly. We are also trying to eat healthier and I like the idea that portions are controlled.

how has your freshly experience been? your experience with hello fresh sounds exactly like mine. hopefully freshly works out for you like it has for me!

Hi Alex ,

Based on my first box Freshly has actually surpassed my expectations. . We ordered 6 different entrees so we could sample from each other. Everything was delicious and for me the portion sizes are about right. When I cook myself I tend to make too much food. Really excited about this. Can’t wait until my next delivery! Thanks again.

One more thing. Their communication is excellent. I was impressed when I received an email to remind me that I have a scheduled order telling me by what date/time I can change or cancel it.

super happy to hear you’ve enjoyed it! and yes, their communication is top notch. if you have an iPhone, their mobile app is also stellar.

I just wanted to provide an update. This week we are expecting our 6th delivery. We have been getting these every week. We are thrilled with these meals. There are still so many we haven’t even tried yet. I already can’t imagine not getting these. Totally works for us. We are eating healthier and the food is delicious. It tastes like freshly cooked food. And so easy!

Hi Alex. It’s been over 2 months now since I’ve started getting Freshly. And I have to say that for us it’s one of the best things we’ve done in recent memory. What a life changer! Like you said, I have less anxiety and stress, am eating healthier and more interesting food, have a grocery list that’s a fraction of what it used to be, and no more tiny bowls of miscellaneous leftovers cluttering up the fridge! Extremely happy with this service. Glad I stumbled upon your article/blog back in June.

man, love that freshly is working out so well for you! if you’re going to be using it regularly like i am, i’d recommend you alternate and use some of the other services i list in the alternatives section. that’ll keep you from getting burnt out on any one service.

Hi Alex. It’s been over 3 months now since my partner and I have been receiving Freshly meals. We are are both still loving it. We also feel a lot better since we are heating healthier foods now and more controlled portions. We are very happy with this service. Honestly no complaints at all. I still cook weekends, but that’s about it. Makes life so much easier for us. I was even able to recently shut off my chest freezer in the basement, since I no longer stock up on excess food anymore. A real life changing experience for us.

great to hear freshly’s still working out well for you after three months! it’s also been a game-changing experience for me.

Hi Alex. It’s been a while. I’m just counting on my fingers here but we’ve been getting weekly Freshly deliveries for almost 9 months now. Aside from several weeks during the December timeframe where they were experiencing delivery challenges we have been receiving deliveries every week. We still love this service, and if anything I feel that the quality has even gotten better since we first signed up. I am continually amazed at the variety and selection, and the consistent quality of the meals. We love this service. I realize that these services do not work out for everyone but for us this has been a total life changer.

assuming it’s part of a proper diet that includes regular exercise, i’m sure anyone could.

Am into about my second month of Freshly meals. Particularly appreciate that husband and I can each eat our own different, favorite meal. The 2 meals often call for slightly different cooking times. While microwaving the first, I turn my cooker-oven to approx. 200 degrees and place my own dishes in, to warm. When each meal has microwaved, I transfer food to my dishes, cover with foil and warm in my oven for a further few (15?) minutes, same 200 degree temperature, so as not to overcook. Little effort, best luxury-restaurant results. And no tipping!

I just purchased my very first order! Searched for reviews and found yours and feel super encouraged. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I’ll leave a response after my first week of meals!

since i honestly don’t pay any attention to nutrition, i’m not sure how those values are in relation to other types of meals. best thing to do would be look at the nutrition facts on their website and see if they meet your needs.

Great review. I haven’t tried the service myself, but I looked at the nutrition facts online and decided it wasn’t for me. They’re fresh, but not healthy. Most (actually I saw) were very high in fat and especially sodium. If you want taste, these may be great, but they’re not especially “healthy.”

thanks! it does seem like freshly doesn’t cater super well to people with specific dietary needs. but it does work well for people like me who value convenience but know eating fast food all the time isn’t healthy. so in my situation, freshly is definitely much healthier than fast food alternatives. :)

i honestly can’t remember if there are barcodes. i feel like there are, but i’m out of town until late tomorrow. i’ll check the labels and get back to you in the next couple days.

My wife and I just received the 12 meal plan for each of us for the week. So far so good, all the meals we have eaten have been delicious and plenty filling. It looks like we will be long term subscribers to this great tasting menu.

Based on this blog I took the plunge and ordered Freshly for my family. My daughter is an elite athlete who eats very very healthy. These meals were great for her and my hubby and I are enjoying the change of pace for dinner options. I work full time and love to cook….. These are meals I wish I had the time to cook…. But since I don’t, I am thrilled to have found freshly!!

awesome! while i’m not an elite athlete, these are great when i come back from a post-work run. it’s a great feeling being able to quickly eat a healthy dinner without all the work that would typically go into it. glad it’s working out for your family!

sorry for the delayed response. i just realized i had some issues with comment notifications on my site. and yes, freshly would work in your situation. assuming dinner only, four days of food for three people would be 12 meals. so you would just order the 12-meal plan.

Question about the frequency. You mentioned every other week was right for you. So do you have to log in and manually cancel your subscription weekly and then resign up again the next week?

freshly lets you manage a few weeks at a time. so basically i have an on-going subscription and skip my off weeks. it is kind of a hassle to remember to skip weeks but it’s worked for me so far. you could cancel and reactivate your subscription, although i’m not sure if you can place an order and then immediately cancel the subscription without it affecting the order. however, worth looking into since that would save you from having to remember to skip weeks. if you do try that, let me know if it works! freshly does make it easy to cancel/reactivate from the website.

I enrolled in the service and the menu is the same except maybe 3 entrees a week and no breakfast options. My first week was canceled two days prior to delivery because they oversold. I needed to cancel after today’s delivery and they canceled today’s delivery but didn’t refund me, yet. The food is amazing but but too high in sodium for me. Glad you’ve had success.

ahh, sorry about that experience for you. do you live on the east coast by chance? they just opened a new facility to serve the east coast, and i heard the demand was more than they expected so some orders were cancelled because of that. hopefully they’ll get production sorted out ASAP.

Alex, I’m so confused! Are you in Nashville? I’m trying to order Freshly and it says it doesn’t deliver to my zip code (which is Green Hills, definitely the heart of Nashville).. if not, what delivery service did you like best in Nashville? Because I’m looking for one! Over the Blue Apron, Home Chef, Green Chef, Hello Fresh, etc…

that’s really weird. i’m in nashville not too far from green hills. i wonder if it’s a glitch? or maybe try a zip code near by?

in nashville, i used fresh chefs.

Hey Alex, I just learned about Freshly today and automatically looked for your review. Really relieved to hear you recommend it! As a full-time teacher, tutor, and community organizer, I get home late and have grading or planning to do and can’t afford to order food all the time but junk food has made me gain weight. My question: what is your promo code for Freshly?

No promo code necessary as long as you use the links in the post. The discount should be applied automatically when you do!

Thank you for your review! I have a daughter that lives on her own and sometimes get home from work late and a son who’s living on collage campus. I’ll be sending them some Freshly meals!! Thank you!!

I have been ordering Freshly for nearly 3 years and have never been disappointed in their food quality, selection or service! They regularly offer new dishes so you can change your selection if you get bored. Only pan of Freshly – They recently took breakfasts off the menu… I used to order 6 meals per week, including 2 breakfasts, but since they took breakfasts off the menu, I’m now down to 4 meals a week.

I plan to try this for myself and my wife based on your review. However, I would like to defend HomeChef and HelloFresh. We currently use HomeChef because their steak is better but both services are excellent. We have used them (alternately) for over a year and we very satisfied. As mentioned, different model. Don’t disregard them if the model seems to fit. I like to cook as opposed to microwaving.

totally agree. i have nothing against meal kits like hellofresh. if i enjoyed cooking even a little bit, i’d probably be regular subscribers to one of them instead of pre-cooked meal delivery companies like freshly.

I wonder if the amount of food / serving is enough for a hungry person. Usually these kind of services bring a very small portion where you end up spending more with some other stuff to feel satiated. i wonder if someone could provide an honest opinion and not someone who is somehow linked to the company or paid to provide “positive” ones.

not sure if i’m disqualified from answering here, but i’m going to say if you describe yourself as a hungry person, the portions aren’t going to be big enough. for most meals, it’s enough to satisfy my hunger but i wouldn’t consider myself full from them.

We liked the food, but for my hubs (he’s 6’1″ and weighs 240), one was not enough. He ate two. Too expensive to maintain. Back to the stove I go.

I have nothing to do with freshly. I have only been using them a month but as a single father trying to balance work and the stress of planning meals not only for me but my daughter, freshly looked very promising. The reality is that it truly is great when taken at face value and nothing more. It’s an option for people who don’t have the time or desire to shop, cook and clean but want something healthy. Im a “hungry” person and when I received them I thought that they could be larger and was skeptical. What I discovered was that not only do the meals taste great but they are also very satisfying and filling. I’ve tried hello fresh and green chef and they are the same size as those meals but more filling in my opinion. Freshly is a game changer for me

Hi there. I had my first ever Freshly meal, chicken with green beans and butternut squash Mac n cheese. Scrumptious. I’m a big girl and i loved it. When l saw the portion l said oh no. .. but satisfying, good, hearty and yes, filling.

Nope, my portions normally just average, but I was still hungry after eating 2 of 3 meals I have tried so far.
Each meal is 450-550 kcal. So if your breakfast is small and you are not trying to loose weight, it’s simply not enough food.

I’ve ordered this for my Mother who is almost 90 years old. Hoping it will help her eat a more balanced diet. So hard for her to cook for one person. Thanks for your review!

My mom ,72 years old, has to lose 75 lbs for a hip surgery and to breath better. Will you be sure to share how your mom likes it? I’d really be interested!

Molly, how is it going with Mom? I was thinking about shipping them to my dad who is 86. Not sure he can manage the microwave. Also, are they freezable if they aren’t eaten?

yup, totally freezable. i’ve had a couple friends do that with some of their meals.

my friends said they froze some meals up to two weeks and ate them without any problems. but i imagine you they’d probably last even longer as most frozen foods typically do.

I haven’t read all the posts, but how does the payment/delivery system work? You mentioned that you got a shipment because you failed to do something so you wouldn’t get it. Would it be possible to try it one time, cancel, and try other systems before settling on one long term?

yeah, you can definitely try it one time and then cancel. the key is to remember to cancel after you place your first order otherwise you’ll default to getting weekly meals. but freshly makes it easy to cancel and restart as needed. you can cancel under the subscription settings.

Great review. Thanks. I agree about Hello Fresh. Their ads say have a meal “about 30 minutes”. Ha! I NEVER had one in that amount of time; 45 minutes to an hour was the norm. Now to my Freshly question. Did I see something in a previous question about meals delivered at the end of the month? So does that mean that, if I order six meals per week, they will all be delivered at the same time? And, if so, can I then assume they can be put in he freezer??

yes, all six meals will be delivered in a single box. and the meals can definitely be frozen. i have two different friends that have done that with their meals.

Oh. I wish I had read this before I ordered for the deal. Looking forward to the meals after reading your review!

Hey Alex,

First time reader here, as your blog came up as one of the top results for a Freshly review.

Really appreciate the review and even listing other competitors in this space. I’ve ordered through your referral. Looking forward to trying this service out, as I’ve been a long time sub of the other home delivery kits to cook. This will streamline my personal life, and I think the cost to guarantee 12 meals a week for the cost seems worth it to me.

The only thing I don’t really like is that my first delivery is a month away.



hope you enjoy freshly as much as i have! and i’m not sure why deliveries are pushed to the end of the month. i wonder if it’s because they recently announced they’re delivering nationwide so they’re getting more orders than normal and aren’t able to keep up with the demand?

I just ordered 6 meals from Freshly for the first time, and the order will arrive Jan. 31. I’ve read your reviews, and find them helpful. The thought of food poisoning scares me, so I hope that’s not true! That in itself would put us at a for sure ‘no!’ My husband and I have been using Hello Fresh for about a year. We think the meals are excellent, but yes … they require time in the kitchen – lots of time chopping, following steps, and then clean-up (although the ingredients are high quality, and, as one would hope, ‘fresh’)! I’m just anxious to try something a bit different, without all the work and time involved.

i hope you enjoy your freshly experience. it’ll be a nice change of pace if you’ve been using hellofresh for a year. and i wouldn’t worry about food poisoning. with any food service, preventing that is their livelihood. at the scale freshly operates at, i wouldn’t be surprised if you had a higher chance of food poisoning eating somewhere local than you do with them.

My son is a year free of cancer. When he was diagnosed I began to send him Freshly to ensure a clean, nutritious diet. He loves them and doesn’t have to stress over his next meal. It is so important to to have the above conditions when staying cancer free.

sorry, i can’t speak to that since i’m not sure what ketogenic diets require. your best bet is to look at the nutrition facts on their website.

Thank you for the very detailed review and tips and the promo code. I just finished chemo and looking to eat healthier and save a little time as well. You have sold me to try it out.

Thank you for this review! I had already ordered a box which I will get 1/17. Like you, I abhor, detest, despise cooking and would rather poke a stick in my eye repeatedly than to have to do it. I have been using Dinnerly for the last couple of months but it still requires cooking, although the ingredients list is limited to 6 ingredients, unlike the other meal services that have 80 gazillion ingredients that have to be chopped, sauteed, roasted, etc. Unfortunately, Freshly didn’t deliver to my area until this month and I can’t wait until my first delivery.

i’ve tried dinnerly as well. it’s a good, cheaper alternative to companies like hellofresh … but only if you like cooking. which clearly, we are not in the camp. ;)

Thanks for this article Alex. I believe Freshly is just hitting the East Coast and I have my first delivery (thanks to you for the discount code) on 1/21 and perfect timing with starting grad classes – I know I don’t eat as well when I’m in school!

– BUFFALO CHICKEN with Loaded Cauliflower
– STEAK PEPPERCORN with Sautéed Carrots & French Green Beans

yup, as of the new year they’ll start delivering nationwide. enjoy your meals. the steak peppercorn and shepherd’s pie are two of my go-tos.

I’ve been searching for a truthful review of Freshly for awhile and yours is the best review I’ve seen. Excellent information. Thank you!

aww, shucks. thank you SOOO much for this comment. it genuinely means a lot to me. especially that you found it truthful since that’s something i was striving for.

i get my meals on friday and usually eat the last one the following thursday. so that’s seven days in the fridge without any issue.

Thanks for the review. I just saw an advertisement for freshly and wanted to read some reviews before giving it a try. I think I will sign up and try at least a couple weeks.

Just had my first delivery I’m taken aback by how small the portions are. 390 calories for one entree? Seriously? I’m a tiny woman who barely exercises, and I need more than that. I don’t even feel half full now that I’m done eating. While some of their meals go up to 550 calories per meal, that’s still not enough.

from my experience, most services like freshly have meals in the 400-600 calorie range. as with any diet, you have to find the one that fits your goals/priorities. if you’re needing a meal service with more calories, freshly (and most others) aren’t going to be the right fit. or you can always supplement with snacks throughout the day (which is what i do since i run a lot).

Does Freshly offer paleo meal options? I have a condition that requires I eat paleo? Hate cooking and need something healthy and quick. Thanks!

i’m honestly not sure what the requirements are for paleo meals, so i can’t say for sure. i’d recommend you check out their website and see.

while i have not, some of my friends have. they’ve actually frozen all their meals and haven’t had any issues. the only thing they mentioned was the shrimp dishes tended to be a little watery. but that can be alleviated by draining the excess water before eating.

We have been using Freshly for over a year now. We tried all of the rest and none came even close in comparison. As indicated, these are chef prepared meals. I believe also that if you put the meal on a plate and served it, no one would know it was prepared.

A lot of complaints here about the high sodium content. Honestly, as far as I can see (at least with the meals displayed at this time) it doesn’t seem so bad. I checked out Home Chef and they seem a LOT worse – which surprises me given that their meals are not pre-cooked.

Like many others I’m now “sodium” conscious.

I wish some of these sites would allow you to sort the meals by various nutrition criteria like fat, carbs, sodium etc…

Still, I think I’ll try this, my first such service. Alex, you took the words out of my mouth when you said you “abhor” and “despise” cooking. I wish I didn’t!

As luck would have it, my boss is on vacation and forgot to cancel his Freshly delivery. I had the Peppercorn Steak and it was surprisingly excellent. Def worth a two week trial . . .

nice! the peppercorn steak is one of my favorites. maybe you can convince your boss to forget more often. ;)

I’m on the fence to try them mainly because of the high fat (especially saturated fat), high cholesterol, and high sodium content. It seems like everyone only associates “healthy” with natural ingredients, low calorie, and low carbs.

true, freshly meals aren’t going to be for everyone depending on their nutritional goals. thankfully for me, freshly meals have me eating way “healthier” than what i’d be eating without them. ;)

Have you ever had food poisoning from this? I am a little nervous about it being pre cooked so it would be risky to me!

nope, never had an issue with food poisoning! (*knock on wood*) and i also take seven days to eat all of them when i think they recommend you eat them 4-5 days from when you get them. no issues eating them after their use-by date.

some yelp reviews and (i have a sneaky suspicion) even some comments on this post are questionably sincere or honest. there are always some people (or companies) who post comments solely to cast doubt on a product/service with no truth involved.

so for anyone reading this, just know that’s a problem for any site that collects user-generated reviews/comments.

I’ve been using freshly for about 6 months after I found out that I had cancer. I was lucky and didn’t need chemo or radiation but I just wanted to be able to recover without thinking bout everyday tasks. Nothing I’ve ever gotten from them has been close to being off and I’ve never gotten food poisoning.

Just starting the service this upcoming Saturday. I”m a little concerned that the meals will just be glorified t.v. dinners. How are the portion sizes? I’m not a “big eater” but want something substantially more than you find in frozen dinners. Been with Blue Apron for about a year, and am generally impressed with the quantity of food in each meal (most subscribers say they can make 3 or 4 meals out of the advertised 2-meal recipes.)

Thanks for any feedback.

ooh, definitely not glorified TV dinners. i grew up on those and these are not even in the same ball park.

portion sizes are decent. the chicken dishes tend to be the most filling for me. there are some that are smaller than i would prefer (typically the pasta ones), but i’m never left still feeling hungry. and definitely bigger than what you’d find in TV dinners.

Just joined Freshly for a two-week trial and am looking forward to receiving my first week of meals. Thanks very much for your review – I found it to be very informative and Freshly sounds like a very good match for me.

Considering joining but wasn’t sure how they’d taste or how happy I’d be with portions. Thanks for your review!

no problem! hopefully the portions and taste work out for you. depending on the dish, some portions feel smaller or larger than others. for example, pasta meals seem smaller to me than chicken dishes. but each person is different, so it might not be the case for you. best thing to do is try a bunch of different meals covering the different types (chicken, pasta, seafood, etc.).

Thank you for your review. I currently subscribe to Home Chef. It’s nice that every week food comes to cook, but the bad part is that every week food comes to cook! Freshly sounds great and when I sign up I’ll use your code.

I did want to mention that my husband has a Hot Logic Mini that he takes to work to heat his food. I think that would be a great way to heat these meals. I got ours on Amazon but you can get it directly from Hot Logic.

haha. i totally feel you. i tried another meal delivery service a month ago that required cooking. it reminded me how much i LOVE the convenience of pre-cooked meals.

and that’s really cool about the hot logic mini. i didn’t realize there was such a thing!

I do home chef and freshly. Freshly for lunch and on those nights when we can’t cook. And home chef for the diversity. We receive 4 meals of homechef a week. It’s perfect. We eat out or have breakfast for dinner on the other nights.

Have you heard of one that isn’t gluten-free, by chance? I’d love to have not fast-food for work days, but I also hate all but 3 veggies. :/

Thanks for reviewing them! I have one of the cooking boxes on the way, but have wanted to try this one as well.

Even though freshly is gluten-free, it isn’t grain-free. They still have pasta, Etc but it is made with gluten-free ingredients. You’d have to check to see if they have one of the three veggies that you like.

My first delivery arrives in two days! I’m using while I’m out of town for work for a few weeks. Sadly, they don’t deliver to my hometown yet. But I’m looking forward to having healthy meals in the hotel that aren’t insanely overpriced!

soooo cool you had it delivered to your hotel. that’s one way to avoid eating poorly while traveling! great idea.

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