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My Freshly Review (28 Days of Outsourced Cooking)

I hate cooking.

Abhor and despise could also be used interchangeably. So when I stumbled across a meal delivery service, Freshly, with a much different approach than season veterans like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or EveryPlate, I was eager to give them a try.

With Freshly, you literally just pop a meal in the microwave for a few minutes and it’s ready to eat. It’s a prepared meal delivery service versus meal delivery kit services (that require you still prepare and cook the ingredients).

Given how much internal grumbling happens when I have to meal plan, grocery shop, cook, and clean up, I pounced at the thought of having a pre-made meal in just three minutes.

So for 28 days, I outsourced nine meals a week to Freshly.

Here’s what it’s like eating microwaved meals for a month … and whether I would recommend Freshly or not.

How Does a Microwaved Meal Taste?

This was my biggest question. The answer, shockingly, is that Freshly meals taste great coming out of a microwave (you can also bake them if you’d prefer).

Seriously, if I plated a Freshly meal, I don’t think the average person would know it was microwaved. Friends and family who have tried Freshly have agreed.

And even random people on Facebook!

I recommended Freshly to a friend asking for meal delivery service recommendations and someone else followed up with this:

They are pre-made meals you heat up in the microwave and they are DELICIOUS.

And for someone who is prone to eating out a lot (of the unhealthy variety), Freshly meals provide a much healthier and more convenient alternative. While I joke that prepared delivery services like Freshly have added years to my lifespan, there’s probably some truth to it. I’m a lot less anxious or stressed when it comes to meal time and I’m eating healthier than I would otherwise.

Freshly Discount

Get $50 off your first three weeks (almost $17 off per week). This is the best discount you’ll find online for Freshly.

FYI: They don’t have to be consecutive weeks. You can skip weeks and only order when you want. You can also cancel after the first week—there’s no obligation to order three times.

Note: If you order your first box using any of the links in this post, you’ll get a generous discount and I’ll get a small commission. It’s a win-win for both of us! And please know I wrote this review before I knew I could earn a commission. It’s genuinely my honest, unbiased experience.

Is Freshly Worth It? Who Is It For?

Obviously, if you’re like me and hate everything about eating that’s not the actual eating part, then Freshly is worth checking out. But as I’ve talked to friends and family about Freshly, many of them have also been interested for other reasons.

They’re easy meal options for people coming out of the hospital (giving birth, surgeries, etc.). Another friend knows there are certain weeks where she’ll be too busy or stressed to cook for her family, so plans on taking a “cooking vacation” using Freshly. It’s also a worthwhile option if you’re going out of town and need to ensure your spouse/kids stay alive while you’re gone. ?

For me though, the biggest win is saved time and mental energy. Freshly is uber convenient. If you add up all the time you’d spend planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, each Freshly meal probably saves you at least an hour (if not more). That’s an extra hour a day to spend with your spouse, kiddos, friends, pursuing your hobbies, etc.

In a post-pandemic society with COVID-19 severely changing peoples’ day-to-day, saved time and mental energy become even more valuable to families.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve gone from being a working parent to a working, stay-at-home parent also in charge of three children’s remote education and meals. There’s just not enough hours in the day. The meals serve as a pressure-release valve for already-hectic work weeks.

Jackie D.

It’s an amazing feeling opening the refrigerator, grabbing a meal, and eating a few minutes later. It’s the convenience of fast food and knowing it’s good for you.

Freshly is also great if you need a break from your typical meal rotation. I know I can eat tacos only so many times in a month before I get sick of them.

Having tried it for a month, I can confidently say it’s worth it for me. I have less anxiety, more time, and eat way healthier. I’m not kidding you when I say figuring out what to eat each week was a stressful process for me. And their prices are actually cheaper than similar, prepared meal delivery companies.

Freshly Discount

Try Freshly and get $50 off your first three weeks. It’s a low-cost way to test drive Freshly and cheaper than eating out (plus way more convenient). You can also skip weeks as needed. There’s no need to order three weeks in a row.

How does Freshly work?

It’s really simple and straightforward—aided by a fantastic website. They get major bonus points for designing a website (and smartphone app) that’s incredibly easy to use.

1. Pick Your Meal Plan

Your choices are 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals per week (ranging from $11.49 to $8.49 per meal). I go with six meals per week and try to get a variety of meal types (beef, pork, bowls, seafood, etc.) for some variety.

2. Pick a Delivery Date

Freshly delivers throughout the week. Your first delivery will happen on that day of the following week. I have mine delivered on Wednesdays and the box usually arrives between noon and 3:00pm CST. If you’re not home when it’s delivered, the box will keep for an additional 12 hours.

You can also change the delivery date (my options are Wednesday through Saturday) for any given week which has been handy for me. I travel regularly for work so can easily adjust the delivery date for when I’m actually at home.

You can also skip weeks if needed.

3. Choose Your Meals

As of January 2021, you can choose from 38 entrees with new meals being introduced every couple weeks (including 10 newly introduced FreshlyFit meals that are more carb conscious). Although, sometimes they’re calling meals “new” when all they’ve done is make some minor changes (like shift up the side).

Freshly Discount

Choose 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals and get $50 off your first three weeks. Try some of my favorites (they’ll be pre-selected for you!) and let me know what you think.

The chicken meals with full breasts (versus meals using pre-cut chicken) are generally the most filling. While I never finish a meal still feeling hungry, I do wish the portions were larger on some of them. This might not be an issue though depending on how much you typically eat.

Long-Term Observations

While I originally wrote this post after eating Freshly meals every week for a month, I’ve continued using Freshly most months since May 2016. That’s how I stumbled across some of the observations below …

The Positive Observations

Up first, Freshly’s customer service is top notch and extremely generous.

I emailed them about a meal that was noticeably off from what I’d eaten in the past (the only time it’s happened in over 300+ meals) . Without me asking, they promptly gave me credit. I thought that was a nice gesture. It made me wonder if they’d give you a credit for a meal you didn’t enjoy.

Which led me to take advantage of their text support option one day while I was feeling a little goofy (as you’ll kind of gather from the text thread).

Another time, the deadline to skip a week was earlier than expected because of a holiday. I didn’t realize that and had a box shipped to me when I didn’t want it. After reaching out, they gave me a credit for the entire box! (They’ve actually done this twice now when both times were my fault for not paying attention to when I would be in town.)

A bunch of things have really stood out:

  • The proactive credits I mentioned above.
  • They’ve replied to every question I’ve tweeted at them.
  • They rolled out a feature on their website to let you rate meals.
  • I’ve seen them try different meal sleeves, insulation materials, cooling packs, and film.
  • They send out feedback surveys.

All of that plus a website/app that’s heads and shoulders above their competition communicates a company that values excellence. From the outside looking in, I’ve been really impressed with how Freshly operates.

Now that I’ve been a regular Freshly customer since 2016, I’ve found every third week is the right frequency so I don’t get sick of the meals. In the off weeks, I rotate between other prepared meal delivery services (see the alternatives section below).

Also, only having to wash cups and silverware has been one word, glorious!

The Not So Positive

As much as I genuinely love and highly recommend Freshly, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. A few negative things I’ve noticed include:

  • A noticeable decrease in seafood options. From regularly having mahi mahi, cod, or shrimp options to none (as of this writing). And if there are seafood options, they’re meals made with seafood (e.g. crab cakes) instead of whole seafood entrees (e.g. cod fillets).
  • A decrease in shredded beef quality. It’s less shredded beef and more mushy beef.
  • An increase in pre-cut, chicken-based meals. IMHO, the quality of the pre-cut chicken isn’t as high as the chicken used in meals with uncut chicken breasts. Granted, the taste and quality of these meals are still good just not as good as their full chicken breast counterparts.

Freshly Alternatives

If you enjoy the act of cooking and want to save time on grocery shopping and meal planning then Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or EveryPlate are great options. But if you’re looking for simplicity, convenience, and consistency (I lost count of how many Hello Fresh meals I’ve ruined), prepared meal delivery services are the winner.

In addition to Freshly, here are some of the other ones I’ve tried:

  • RealEats: Easily the best tasting service I’ve tried (also with the least packaging waste). Get 25% off your first order with my link and the code GETREAL25.
  • Factor: Better tasting (and larger protein portions) but pricer than Freshly. Get $90 off your first three orders with the code NEWTOFACTOR90.
  • The Good Kitchen: Didn’t like the meals so can’t recommend.
  • Nourish Foods: Haven’t tried them but look similar to Freshly.

Currently, I rotate between Freshly, RealEats, and Factor every three weeks to keep me from getting burnt out on any one service.

Another alternative to Freshly would be local food delivery services. It seems a lot of catering business also provide this type of service. Before trying Freshly, I found one in Nashville that was decent. The food definitely wasn’t as healthy or conveniently packaged, but it was still good. Had I not found Freshly, I probably would’ve continued with the local service.


From a value standpoint, Freshly is easily my favorite prepared meal delivery service (of the six I’ve tried) and the one I recommend to people first.

The things that stand out to me include:

  1. It’s the cheapest service I’ve tried.
  2. It provides the most meal options for better variety.
  3. The meals taste great.
  4. An overall great experience (from the website, to the app, to their customer service).

If you’re in the market, I don’t think you can go wrong with Freshly.

Freshly Discount

But don’t take my word for it, try Freshly yourself. Save $50 off your first three weeks (almost $17 off per week). If you don’t like the meals, you can cancel after the first week.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments (or would also love to hear your experience if you’ve tried Freshly).

381 replies on “My Freshly Review (28 Days of Outsourced Cooking)”

I’ve been using Freshly for a few months and to me almost all of the food seem bland to downright awful. This is why I’m hear. has far superior food but I just cant afford them. :(

I haven’t tried Freshly yet, but I’m about to take the leap. My biggest problem is that they don’t do much, if any, fish dinners. It seems the meals are too heavily weighted on chicken. I get it. I ran a restaurant for 17 years. Chicken is easy and forgiving. Fish is neither. I’d actually be willing to pay an up charge if they could include a couple of fish dishes. Salmon, mahi mahi, cod,, shrimp, etc. Some firm fish

yeah, i agree. i wish they had more seafood options and would pay a little more for it. when i first started using freshly in 2016 they did periodically have fish (whole fillet) options. but it seems they’ve been phased out. :(

Thanks Alex!! I’ve been kind of stalking Freshly for awhile (haha) because I have celiac disease and they’re certified gluten free and also because up until recently, it wasn’t available here in Hopkinsville, KY. So every time I tried to order I’d get a message saying Sorry! Please check back later… blah blah blah.
Great review though!!! I love your pros and cons and screenshots etc. Wouldn’t have minded pics of the food lol but I’m fine without em. What’s most important to me is knowing the food is good and knowing they’re not A holes. I’m on a limited income and I don’t need them making mistakes and charging too much or whatever and not offering refunds or at least a credit for future use.
Also love your selection of meals. Pretty sure that’s exactly what I added to my cart.
Anyway, thanks again and thanks to the ppl leaving comments. I’ll be sending myself this review so I can come back to it and read ppls favorites etc.
Take care Alex ?

glad they’re now delivering to you in KY. i have an order coming tomorrow so will take pictures and add them to my review. been meaning to, just hadn’t gotten around to it. your comment gave me the kick in the butt i needed. :)

Awww sweet! Thanks Alex!! I felt bad after I said that because I really enjoyed reading your review and didn’t want it to seem like I was complaining. But hey, if you found it motivational ;) that’s great!
Well anyway, I hope you’re well. I’ll probably holla at you later! Take care!

Love the review. I’m on the fence. How does the meals compare with Trader Joe’s frozen meals? I really enjoy TJ’s.

ooop, sorry for the delayed reply. i’ve never tried TJ’s frozen meals, so i can’t really comment.

I’ve used Freshly off and on for the last 8 months-ish. Most of the meals taste really good and much higher quality than what I think of for “microwaveable meals.” For the convenience of not having to go to the store, prep, chop, cook, and clean up afterwards, $9 for a healthy and satisfying meal is totally worth it to me. My favorite dishes were the Sierra Chicken, the Chicken and Spring Pea Risotto, the Buffalo Chicken with Cauliflower mash (the mash is SO good!) Steak Peppercorn, and the Slow Cooked Beef Chili. I usually put my meals in a regular dish and microwaved them or baked them in my toaster oven. My only complaint is that they need to offer more variety and that I feel like the meals had a high sodium content, I could always see it in my face later that day. I did need customer service onace and they were super responsive. Shipping Packaging was recycle friendly and my meals were always very cold when they arrived. I cancelled Every Plate due shipping safety/freshness concerns. Overall, I’d highly recommend Freshly to friends/family and have done so multiple times.


-Unpaid Customer

thanks for sharing! i would agree on the more variety front. while they do have more meals than other services, i find they have way too many chicken-based meals (which is my least preferred protein) which cuts down on my options.

Hi just read your review as I have just signed up yesterday it answered many of the unknowns I am just so tired of prep and cleaning up after for one so I after reading your review I am now not eager for my first delivery to arrive next Monday .a good well covered review thank you

I recently started Freshly and mostly I like the meals. Some were not good and I won’t order them again. I’m 73 and when the box comes, I unpack it in my lobby and carry the meals up my 5 flights of stairs. I, however, can’t move the box to the garbage and now during the pandemic, I ask the super for help, however, on along-term basis, this will be difficult. I even have difficulty carrying the packing to the garbage but the dry ice, packing and box are really heavy.

yeah, i’ll admit the insulation and ice packs can be cumbersome to deal with. one thing that could help is that you can thaw out the ice packs and dump them into the sink. they’re safe to do that with.

Am into about my second month of Freshly meals. Particularly appreciate that husband and I can each eat our own different, favorite meal. The 2 meals often call for slightly different cooking times.

Your review sounds like a paid advertisement for Freshly. You don’t have a single criticism or suggestion for improvement? You didn’t mention anything about the pricing which is kind of important.

i had been meaning to update this review so i took your feedback and added a “not so positive” section. while freshly does give me a small commission for anybody i send their way, i have done my best to write an honest, unbiased review.

in regards to pricing, there’s an image in the review that shows a breakdown of cost per meal. however, i could see how it’s easy to miss so i’ve included the cost per meal in the content itself as well.

Tried Freshly for the first time last week. I ordered the 6 meal plan. The meals arrived as promised but were incredibly high in sodium. Not sure who the “chef” is but after eating 1/2 of one meal (sausage, peppers and tomato rice) last evening my husband couldn’t finish it. I tried it and could taste nothing but salt. Any of the frozen healthy or organic options at our grocery store are a better option. We gave the remaining uneaten meals to a local food bank. I sent a message to customer service last evening and received only a $20 credit because the meals were already prepared. Buyer beware!

I work at 2 different jobs! It’s very hard for me to balance everything out perfectly. I find myself opting for fast food because it’s the easiest thing to do, with how little time I have. I finally got tired of eating fast food all the time, so I started some research. I found lots of meal delivery companies. I found one called Meal Prep Delivery. They have healthy meals conveniently delivered to you. It sounded great so I decided to try it out. I am loving it so far. I’ve been using it for 3 months now and I am very pleased. The food is delicious and so much better for our bodies. I highly recommend this option to everybody. I suggest checking out their website. If you don’t find options with this company that you want, there are a bunch of other meal delivery services. There are lots of great reviews on them as a whole. If you have any questions, just let me know.

I just read this article and signed up with Freshly. Had debated it for weeks. Thanks for all the info you provided!

I’ve been using Freshly for several months now. I tried Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Plated before switching to Freshly. All had some good meals, but you have prep and clean up. Ugh.
Have been very pleased with my Freshly meals, and love being able to just heat a good dinner in minutes. Servings are a good size. Can occasionally get 2 meals or of one dinner. I skip a week occasionally just to vary my routine and usually regret it after a couple of take out meals.

I signed up for Freshly for an elderly parents in a gated apartment complex. I added instructions for delivery. Detailed instructions. Do not deliver to apartment office deliver to doorstep. As an elderly person can’t carry a 25 pound plus box. The first delivery sat overnight in the office and I had to get up and carry to her apartment. I work nights so I lost sleep. I contacted Freshly they said they would correct the issue. The second order didn’t arrive because the food went bad and they emailed me not to eat it if the food arrived. The third order that was not available well Freshly emailed me and said they actually could send never arrived. I cancelled and customer service said they could fix the issue and guaranteed it would be corrected and the same issue occured again it went to the office not the doorstep of my elderly mother. Freshly always said they would correct things didn’t charge me but just never got it right a real disappointment

sorry you had troubles getting meals to your parents. although, i wonder if the issue is more on the delivery partner for not following delivery instructions.

They’re customer service is literally the worst. I knew this dude was a paid sponsor after I read the “best customer service” line.. freshly is a great idea, but over priced and terrible customer service. Honestly, a better option is going to the store and finding organic frozen meals that’s are half the price and most times, healthier than freshly.

– unpaid spokesperson

I recently subscribed to Freshly and I can vouch for their great customer service based on MY experience. They have offered me credit twice for situations that were my fault… & did so in less than 1 hr.

– Unpaid Spokesperson

My wife and I have been using Freshly for about 2-3 months now. Most of the meals taste really good, the website is easy to navigate and overall we’ve been happy. We haven’t had to contact customer support as of yet, but I have no doubts they’ll be sufficient based on the quality of the their products and website. I get that not everyone has a glowing review, but our experience has been good enough that it seemed worthwhile to take time out of my day to try and offer everyone our opinion.

I just joined and I was wondering why they don’t have 10 meals; it is my wife and I look for 2 meals a day for 5 days a week?

Visiting a rural state and trashed my knee so figured I’d order to food to get me through surgery recovery. This is a good program. I agree it’s salty but almost everything is now, so I try to order the lower sodium ones (though it’s a pain to have to expand the nutrition for each item in order to get that info). I wish there was better selection but maybe I just started on an off week; it seemed heavy on chicken and only one fish item was there.

I tried bistroMD and even though it says the same description, Freshly is better. Bistro may be prepared by a chef but it arrives solidly frozen. I also tried Factor75 and it’s my fav hands down, although it is pricier. But the meals are larger, at least the protein portions, and I especially liked that it was grassfed beef, no antibiotic, etc. But that does drive the price up (but in my experience cheaper than buying that premium level of ingredients myself to cook). I only bring it up because I think it’s more of an apples to oranges comparison with Freshly – both very good, both awesome customer service, but Factor is better quality and priced higher. I’m probably going to alternate them in the future to better fit my budget.

your experience with factor 75 is really similar to mine. i thought factor 75 meals were slightly better tasting and bigger protein portions. seems factor 75 prefers a larger protein with smaller side. freshly on the other hand tries to have balanced portion sizes.

i currently rotate between freshly, factor 75, and realeats. freshly is still my overall favorite because it has the best blend of taste/price. but the other two are also good. IMHO, realeats is the best tasting of the three albeit a tad pricier than factor 75.

note: i am an affiliate for realeats and they currently have a promo going until the end of the month (11/30). use code 50BF to get 50% off their four-meal plan. for that price, definitely worth giving it a try!

Some studies suggest that we get less waste with this packaging vs general food waste. It’s still a pain getting rid of this much packaging every week, especially the gel packs.

My gripe is with the freshness. Most of our meals are use by 4 days after delivery, and a couple were less than that. Keeping them frozen destroys some of the freshness and our schedule needs to be more flexible.

I would love a similar service from Whole Foods or Sprouts. If I could pick up similarly packaged meals from the market, have the flexibility and less packaging, I’d be in, even with a subscription. For now, we’ll just put stuff together from the deli..

try checking out other local grocery stores. i know publix stocks meals very similar to freshly. i saw them a couple months ago where they have pre-made food near the meats section.

Meals good, but necessity for incredibly elaborate packaging is a deal-breaker for me. That, including three huge ice packs required for only six dinners, causes the box to weigh so much that the cost per meal is thrown out of whack, due to Freshly having to factor in the UPS charge.

Don’t get me wrong…..their packaging is fabulous. Just wish they could implement a system that wouldn’t result in a final cost of over $10 per meal.. I would gladly accept a larger, frozen portion, in less costly packaging.

P.S. I’m actually surprised that not one other review I read, mentioned anything regarding the packaging. It’s extremely effective….even innovative…..unfortunately, kicks the cost way up.

i thought about mentioning the packaging, but opted not too since i didn’t think it’d sway someone’s decision to buy or not buy. but i agree, it’s a lot of packaging. but i’ve got a good system now where i put it in the corner. and when it gets to be enough, i take it all out to recycle. the gel packs i’ll throw them away when i’m taking trash out to the garbage can. (they are a pain to drain in the sink, so i just throw them away entirely.)

My husband and I are recent “active retirees” and want to eat healthier and have variety with good quality lunches and dinners We received our first order of 12 meals this week, and we are very pleased! I actually froze ALL the meals upon their arrival because we do not want to have any waste, in case we had sudden plans away from home. We are easily 1-2 hours from Nashville, so I was concerned whether Freshly delivered to more rural areas. NO problem! First delivery arrived on time, on our requested day of Friday (we do our now-much LIGHTER grocery shopping on Sat. or Sun.). We have a simple fresh, mixed greens side salad with all our nicely plated Freshly meals, along with a glass of wine. Dinner is feeling pretty special and something we now look forward to! Thank you, Freshly—please continue the high quality good work!

I’m dealing with my illness and my husband works a few states away… having theses wonderful meals delivered to my door for both me and for him to take with him each week has been a blessing✨
…and being able to “ chat” with them has answered all my questions…. keep up the great work Freshly?

I get 6 meals per week and they are very good! My two favorites are the low country boil and the baked chicken with loaded potato (cauliflower) I would recommend Freshly for anyone who likes good healthy meals and doesn’t like to cook like me.

Excellent blog. Thanks so much Alex. My husband and I work 1.5 jobs each and cooking has turned into the dreaded chore of the day/week. We found ourselves eating out too much due to the convenience of it all. Tried Home Chef for a month but ended up not even having time for that either. Based on your blog we are going to try Freshly and see if that works for us. Thanks again!

cooking definitely equals dreaded chore. hope you find freshly meets your needs and gives you back more time and energy!

you can choose what day the meals get delivered (usually between wed-sat). and then once they’re delivered, they can sit outside for up to 12 hours. so you should be able to get them delivered in a window that would work with your work schedule.

no promo code necessary! just use any of the links in the post. the promo codes are already tied to those links.

All looks good. Will probably give Freshly a try at a later date. We are older citizens, and this looks good to us. Your overall explanation was excellent – thanks.

based on some comments, it seems others have had success using freshly for weight loss. but i’m sure it all depends on your specific needs.

I just started using Freshly. The meals are very good. I do wonder if it is good for weight loss. They actually seem to taste too good. That sounds strange. I did notice the fat grams were a bit high for the meals. Not sure if that is necessarily bad or not. I do think I am going to try this for a while. I am doing 12 meals a wk to start. I’ve done Nutrisystem and Kettlebell Kitchen before this. I like Nutrisystem, but their meals don’t fill me up and I sometimes ate 2 or 3 of them at the same time. I did the weight loss version for KettleBell and most of their meals were truly awful. I know why ppl wld lose weight on that. Because they wouldn’t finish the whole meals!! Ok. That is all I wanted to say.

based on some comments, it seems others have had success using freshly for weight loss. but i’m sure it all depends on your specific needs.

Been using their services for 2+ months now so I could kick fast food and regulate my diet for weight loss, already down 15.6lbs! Freshly is great.

Just received my first order today by Fedex. So far, excellent meal. No more driving in rush hour traffic to eat and no more tips. Tip…when peeling back the corner, add fresh sliced up mushrooms and other tidbits. It works ..

Maybe you addressed this but skimming quickly I couldn’t find the answer. I’m interested in gifting some meals to a disabled man and his wife. Can you order freshly for just a short period of time like two weeks? Or is this a plan I have to sign up for? Thank you!

unfortunately, it’s not easy to order for a set period or make a one-time gift. i’ve had the same thought as you, gifting freshly to first-time parents. in order to do that, i created a separate account, ordered a box, and then canceled the account.

actually, i forgot to cancel and a second box was shipped. i reached out to freshly wondering why i got a box i didn’t order (thinking it came from my main account which i had skipped for that week) when i found out it was from my gift account.

surprisingly, freshly credited me for that box and the couple got a second box of meals!

all that to say, it’s not easy, but doable. you just have to remember to cancel the account after the first box.

I am very impressed by your site and your post very nice and I got such a piece of good information on this topic it’s a very interesting one. Thanks for sharing the best posts they amazing.

Too salty, over-seasoned. I don’t think of myself as a fussy eater. These meals would taste fine with half the salt.

I definitely agree, too much salt and too spicy, now hot spicy but over spiced. I’m not spicy adverse at all but I do like to taste the food!

Thanks for the review and follow ups! I’ve been seeing the ads popping up on my social media for Freshly and, for the first time, it seemed like something tailor made for me. I’m single, older, live alone, have a lot of hobbies and I also don’t like being around large groups of people, so grocery shopping is not only inconvenient but also a bit overwhelming and anxiety filled. You hit all of the points I was curious about and now I just need to take the plunge. Thanks again!

So, you can order let’s say six meals, but the shelf life is 3 to 5 days?! Do I have to freeze them?

it always takes me seven days to eat all my meals, so the shelf life is realistically longer than what i think their website says. as soon as i get the meals, i refrigerate and eat them over the next seven days. never had any issues.

however, if you don’t think you can eat them within a week, you can freeze them. i’ve done that recently and the meals still taste pretty good, just a little excess water (and you can reheat from frozen, no need to thaw first).

Join the discussion…I called them and they said the fridge life was 4 days. So I keep four days worth and freeze the rest. They said you do not need to thaw them, just add 2 minutes to the microwave time and that works out fine.

no promo code necessary. just use any of the links in the post (depending on which discount you’d like).

hey dude! ?thanks SOOOO much for the heads up. appreciate you taking the time to let me know. they’re fixed now!

Thank you for this in depth review. I just placed my first order with freshly and was a bit nervous about my decision, afraid I was making a mistake. I truly am tired of mealing prepping each week and wanted a healthy and convenient way to eat well at work. Your insight and experience have eased my mind.
Thank you

ordering freshly regularly has been one of the better decisions i’ve made. the internal stress i always felt around dinner time is now long gone. i hope freshly works out for you as well as it has for me. and if it doesn’t, a least you tried! (i tried a lot of things before landing on freshly. recipes with five ingredients or less, crockpot meals, instapot meals, etc.)

As a single, full time father, this company is truly a life saver. I just ordered my first 6 meals and can’t wait to be able to spend more time with my daughter! Thank you for the review!

Great review, just received our first set of meals. I generally meal prep on Sunday, spending hours of my time… this company will give some of my freedom back! So exciting. Thanks again!

Thanks so much. Couple questions…The marketing states “chef cooked” did you ever ask Freshly where exactly and by who your meals were cooked, was it local or a centralized kitchen? Also, do the meals show up frozen or refrigerated?

nada, never asked that question. so not sure what “chef cooked” means. but i do believe they cook everything in centralized kitchens. i believe one is in phoenix. the other somewhere in the northeast?

the meals show up refrigerated using ice packs.

Thanks for the review! Our first meals are coming this week! Excited to try them. I have tried other services where you have to prepare the meals, and happy to find something that’s easier. With both my daughter and I working full-time, I figure these meals will be “my” days to cook!

Thanks for the review! I am 4 meals into my first week of Freshly and I LOVE it! I, too, hate prepping and cooking, and I live alone, so plans where you have to cook meals big enough for two at minimum just aren’t worth the time, effort, or money for me.

I am spending way less than I would getting various takeout lunches during the workday, and I’m getting healthier food. And Freshly just blows frozen meals out of the water–there is no comparison. It also tastes a lot better than other heat and eat meal options I’ve tried.

The portion sizes are perfect for me, and as an active person who does a lot of strength training, running, and obstacle course races, I love that there are many options that have 20+ grams of protein and a healthy amount of carbs.

Freshly is now my go-to meal plan…if they keep up the quality and reasonable pricing, I will be ordering this for years!

your situation sounds a lot like mine and is exactly why i love freshly as well. although as i’m increasing my weekly running mileage, i do wish meals had more calories. but that’s not a negative with freshly, more my specific lifestyle requirements. just find myself needing to snack more.

Tried freshly for a week . Not bad, but not good enough for my taste. Nothing on their
Website contains a phone number or email address. How can I contact them to cancel.

“While I never finish a meal still feeling hungry, I do wish the portions were larger on some of them.”

This means that it’s perfectly portioned. The biggest problem people have is not always what they eat but how much they eat. If after you eat you feel satisfied, you ate enough. It’s important to resist the temptation to keep stuffing yourself until you can’t move. That is the easiest way to pack on the pounds, or at least stopping yourself from dropping extra ones.

I am seriously considering trying this out, because the prices don’t seem to be outrageous, like I thought they would be.

you should definitely give it a shot. i’ve continued trying different meal delivery services since writing this review and freshly is still my go to. so far i haven’t found a service that can beat freshly’s value (what you get for the price).

Best review hands down thanks. Got my first order. Love. However, not too sure it’s actually totally healthy which is soooooo disappointing! I need these to get a bit healthier haha! I work hard and don’t leave office till late most nights. This is amazing but don’t want to end up with high cholesterol- that’s serious lol. You should tweet them to up their game on the REAL health part of their business model =)
I get it -for taste, but I believe there is way to keep the taste NATURALLY (less sodium for crying out loud it’s 2019, many consumers DO read and are knowledgeable about basic clean healthy nutrition!)


aww, i’m glad you liked my review! based on people’s comments, it does seem like freshly caters more to convenience eaters versus health/diet-conscious eaters. maybe i will tweet them and see what they say. ;)

Alex, any news on the more healthy version? Looking to sign up but having high blood pressure and slightly elevated cholesterol, it’s still a no go. My job consumes 10+ hrs a day so the idea of a quick, healthy dinner is very appealing to me but not at the cost of raising my bp or cholesterol. Thank you for the honest review on Freshly!

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