What did we do in Costa Rica?

Here’s a broad overview of the three types of outreaches we did throughout the week.

  1. Community outreach/relationship building
  2. Prayer walks
  3. Construction-related (e.g. building a roof, painting, etc.)

Community outreach/relationship building

You don’t have to be with 6:8 Ministries for very long before you realize they have a strong emphasis on knowing (by name) the people in the community. A lot of what we did involved interacting with local kids and families.

This was done through various types of outreaches. Teaching English, feeding people, doing a vacation bible school, playing with kids in the park, or just walking through a community and talking with the people you come across.

Prayer walks

Prayer walks at 6:8 take it to a whole new level of personal. It’s not just walking through a community and praying for the people and families with it as if they were all strangers. It is rolling into people’s homes, knowing their names, their specific needs and being able to pray for them.

Construction-related (e.g. building a roof, painting, etc.)

6:8 runs a community center which they are partnering with a local church to use as a food distribution center. To help with that, we began to convert one room into a kitchen by cleaning it out, adding a roof and painting it.

Future Celebration teams will continue where we left off.

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