Afraid to Pray

Delayed obedience is disobedience. Partial obedience is disobedience.

Have you heard those before?

But what about disobedience through a lack of asking?

It’s easy to deceive ourselves into thinking our lives are in obedience to God when, in all honesty, we’ve never asked God what he wants from us.

A prime example, when I felt called to pursue full-time ministry, the internship at my church was an easy step in the right direction. But I neglected to pray about it. I didn’t want to ask God if that’s what he wanted for me because I was afraid of the answer.

How often do we fail to pray because of fear?

Afraid what God may say. Afraid where he may lead us. Afraid of the sacrifice.

What does God want from you? How does God want you to influence your generation and generations to come?

Ask Him.

(Six months later, I finally did ask God about the internship. He said go. I went and my life has been forever changed because of that prayer/decision.)

Better to walk in fearful obedience than ignorant disobedience.

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