Are You Heading into Eternity Leaving Behind an Eternity?

If you haven’t read the essay in my previous post, I would encourage you to do that first.

That essay really resonates with me and affirms the cry of my heart.

Jesus needs us to be tenacious about his Gospel. Our lives need to be in a continual battle to ensure we are in line with God. We need to be idealists; believing one person can change the world through the power and Spirit of God within us.

Brooke’s words are a subtle reminder to that and how short our influence on the earth is.

James 4:14 (NIV)
14 . . . What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

Brooke passed away at fourteen.

Intellectually we all know that we will die . . . We do not really know it in the sense of living as though it were true. On the contrary, we tend to live as though our lives would go on forever. (emphasis added)
~Frederick Buechner

Why do we frolic along in our lives thinking we have the rest of eternity to accomplish the plans and purposes of God in our lives? Or that we can spend the first half for ourselves and then the last half for God?

I will go on adventures and change the world. . . . I’ll be one of those people who live to be history maker. . . . I’ll be one of those people who go somewhere with . . . a world-changing plan, and nothing will hold me back.
~Brooke Bronkowski

I want to spend eternity in Heaven knowing I’ve left behind an eternity on Earth.

An eternity of Kingdom influence. An eternity of disciples who are building up new disciples. An eternity of passionate, sold-out, radical little Tran-babies passing on the fire from generation to generation. ;)

But we don’t have an eternity to leave behind an eternity.

We have to start now . . .

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Thanks! Glad it struck a chord with you.

bq. Jesus, please help us live a life pleasing to you . . .

What a great and refreshing post! This is like fire shot up in my bones! I have had this same passion in my heart since high school. I try to always keep this perspective on my life. One of my favorite verses that supports this in my life is Philippians 1:20 because it talks about living life with faith and expectation, with no regrets, boldly and Christ getting all the glory for it. I love the way that is phrased – Heading to eternity leaving behind an eternity

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