Asking for Wisdom: Remedial Edition

Dear Alex,

It’s not that complicated.  Sometimes I wish I could take that brain of yours and drop kick it a couple blocks. I almost did it once. Once in awhile I let myself think that’ll actually knock some sense into you. You’re lucky I’m a patient God.

Anyway, let me try to help a son out. It’s time for a little father-son talk.

I remember in kindergarten and 1st grade you were in remedial math and reading classes.  Look at how far you’ve come! I’m proud to say you lived up to the Asian stereotype. You are good at math! And look next to your bed.  How many books do you have down there? 11. Yes, I count the hairs on your head and the books by your bed.

Learning takes time. But it will be worth it.

Don’t worry kiddo.