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6 Uber-Practical Steps to a Spiritually Significant Fast

Honestly, I never look forward to whenever my church does a 21-day fast to kick off the year.

I don’t look forward to it because what should be a deeply spiritual act nearly always deteriorates into nothing more than a shift in what I eat.

I keep trying year after year to raise the spiritual bar, but haven’t quite nailed it (yet). What I have nailed is a few practical pointers that I hope will help on your next fast.

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My PRK Recovery Timeline

prk-surgeryOne major consequence of PRK over LASIK is the longer and much more variable healing/recovery time. It’s nerve-racking having blurry vision weeks and even months after surgery.

The amount of time required to heal can be frustrating.

Since I’ve found comfort reading other people’s recovery timelines, I offer mine in hopes that it will do the same for you. On the flip side, I’ve also read quick healing timelines that made me more stressed out. Hopefully my story doesn’t do that to you. ;)

Just remember healing time is extremely variable; six months being the most common “worst-case scenario,” but I’ve also read between 9 and 12 months.

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The Best Pen for Writing Notes and Underlining in Your Bible

pigma-micronSo I randomly stumbled across an article called Pens for Bibles the other day. It answers the question:

What is the best type of pen to use in a Bible?

I’ve tried highlighters, dry highlighters, pencils and pens (ball point, gelly, rollerball) without being satisfied with any for underlining and taking notes.

So when I read that article, it was a light bulb moment.

The short answer is pens which use pigment ink (i.e. archive quality pens).

Here are some of the key benefits:

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23 Bible Reading Plans That Will Satisfy Anyone

Here is a diverse and pretty comprehensive collection of Bible reading plans. All of them are easy to follow and most include a printable copy you can keep in your Bible.

They range from two week commitments to year-long commitments, from reading straight through cover to cover, to topical readings, to a mixture of readings each day.