Worship Playlists

5 More 30 Minute Worship Playlists

Over the course of time, I’ve created a handful of worship playlists. Add some more time to that time and now I have five more worship playlists to share with you! ;)

Any worship songs you’re diggin’ currently? Share them with me in the comments!

Lately, I feel more drawn to the mellow stuff. While I love the high-energy anthem type songs, they just don’t work well for intimate worship at home…

Worship Playlists

6 Thirty Minute Worship Playlists

So despite my inability to sing well, I love times of worship. Particularly times of personal worship during the week when it can be just me and Jesus.

On a random side note, I regularly repent for ruining the worship experience of those around me. My singing is horrible. ;)

Anyway, one thing that has helped me more easily engage in times of worship is having some worship playlists already created; ready to fire up on a moments notice!

So far I’ve created six I want to share with you.

The two most common artists/bands within these playlists are Bethel Live and Hillsong.

You’ll also find tracks from other popular artists like Phil Wickham, Kari Jobe, Gungor, Kristian Stanfill, John Mark McMillan, Shane & Shane, Passion and some hymns.

If you like any of the playlists I’ve created, feel free to subscribe to them in Spotify so they’re quickly accessible in your sidebar.

What are some of your go-to worship artists/songs right now? Maybe I’ll use some of them in 30 Minute Worship #7!