Christine Caine’s “Must Haves” to Sustain Your Success in Ministry (Part 1)

This past weekend at Celebration Church we had the privilege of having Christine Caine (Twitter, Facebook) guest speak. Not only did she speak at our weekend services, but she took some time out to speak to the staff.

What she had to share to the staff was an extremely timely word to anyone involved in ministry. Whether you are full-time on staff at a church, a volunteer or somewhere in between, you’ll have tidbits of wisdom to take away.

I guarantee.

If not, you can have your money back. ;)

Christine’s talk was split into three main points that have been proven in her 21 years of being involved at Hillsong Church.

Each will get its own blog post.

  1. Having an attitude of gratitude (you’re reading it)
  2. Submission
  3. Being passionate

Don’t worry if none of those points seem applicable to you. Christine was all over the board, so you should still read. Otherwise my guarantee is null and void. Consider this the fine print. ;)

Having an Attitude of Gratitude

Her point was partly on the attitude of gratitude but also on not having an attitude of entitlement.

  • Sometimes you can live in the midst of a move of God and not see it.
    • Don’t take for granted when your church is expanding (e.g. launching new campuses, new ministries, the weekly salvations, etc.).
  • The thing you are a part of is much bigger than any part you play.
    • Fight for this perspective to resist an attitude of entitlement.
  • If you can remain a small fish in a big pond, you will more than likely be a part of something that changes the world.
  • It takes big people (big people on the inside) to be part of a big church.

I’m going to interject here.

I’ve seen a lot of people leave Celebration Church. I don’t always know the reason, but for some I do. I believe the insight shared above addresses the heart attitude of a lot of people who leave Celebration.

They feel entitled to something or they want to be their own dog. They want to be a big fish in a little pond and have control, say so, etc. They don’t see the move of God, they see what they’re not getting out of the church, what authority they’re not getting in their position, what the church isn’t doing to meet their needs, etc.

Check your heart people. (I say this from my own personal experience.)

The Myth of Needing Sustainability/Balance

  • “I need balance in my life.” “This is not sustainable.”

Haha. Things I’ve echoed and expressed before. Christine isn’t a fan of this mindset and brings up some good points.

  • Nothing is sutainable about the Christian life. It is God that sustains you.
    • The minute you can sustain yourself you are not in God and not in the supernatural realm (Isaiah 40:31).
  • All or nothing mentality birthed the church. Not an attitude of minimums, balance or sustainability.

The Wholeness of Leaders

  • The degree to which the church is effective is the degree to which the leaders are whole.
    • Only out of wholeness can we bring health and healing to others
  • It takes a strong/whole person to work at an ever expanding church with a huge call of God.

“When God, When?”

  • Take whatever “toilet brush” is in your hand and say “this is it” and be grateful.
  • If you have the touch/annointing of God, it will come through.
  • If you despise what you have now and are waiting for one day when, you’re never going to do faithfully what God has in your hand to do now.

That’s a wrap for her “first point.” I told you she was all over the board. Her first point was really four different points. ;)

Anyway, if you’re involved in ministry at any level, I’d be curious to know which points you take away from this post. Or if you’d have any to add based on your experience.

Fire away in the comments! Or hit me up on Twitter.

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yeah man. wield that toilet brush! be on a God mission to eradicate toilet rings everywhere! ;)

i love it. i was invited that evening, but was unable to make it. this is all good. When God, When is a hard one. It seems to boil down to patience, and using what we currently have to the fullest. At least thats what I got out of it. and patience is hard for me!!!! lol.

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