The Most Comprehensive List of Bible Reading Plans

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I’m pretty stoked to be living in this generation. Namely because of how much the Internet and technology has improved our lives. This is especially true when it comes to being more engaged in the Bible.

At the intersection of technology and the Bible is the YouVersion Bible App.

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Whatever your heart is looking for in a reading plan, you’ll be able to find it in the Bible App. Are you looking to read the Bible in a year? Or looking for just an Old Testament or New Testament reading plan? How about Bible reading plans that touch on certain topics like forgiveness, parenting or trust? 5 day, 2 week, 30 day reading plans?

The Bible Apps got ya covered!

There are over 600 reading plans available, but I’m just going to highlight a handful of them from some of the available categories.

If you have a smartphone or iPod Touch, be sure you download the app so you can read your plan wherever you go. And you’ll be able to take advantage of the built-in audio Bibles. Perfect for your daily commute!

No need for a printable version because it’ll always be in your pocket (or on the website).

Let’s Read the Bible Together (Bible in a Year)

From the Whole Bible category, this plan (smartly) has you focus on reading one month at a time. Because we all know the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, right?

The first month has you reading in Luke, Acts, Daniel and Genesis. It’s a great reading plan to invite some friends to read along each month for accountability!

View a sample.

Let's Read the Bible Together Reading Plan

My Utmost For His Highest (30 days)

Check out some of the daily devotionals written by some well known folks such as John Piper, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren, and others.

This plan from Oswald Champers is probably the most read devotional ever. It’s a classic!

View a sample.

My Utmost For His Highest Reading Plan

Temptation (7 days)

The Topical category has pretty much every topic you could imagine (e.g., anger, doubt, addiction, relationships).

If this one on temptation doesn’t float your boat go check out the 170 other options (as of this post).

View a sample.

Temptation Reading Plan

The Essential 100 (100 days)

Found in the Partial Bible category, this reading plan helps give you an overview of the Bible using 50 Old Testament and 50 New Testament passages.

View a sample.

Elsewhere in this category you’ll find plans that take you through a specific book of the Bible or ones that take you through portions of the Bible (varying in length from a few days to a year).

The Essential 100 Reading Plan

If you’ve seen God work in your life through reading Scripture, do me a favor and share this post with your friends.

The Bible App makes it so easy to engage in Scripture. Let’s use technology to become the most Bible-engaged generation ever.

Now holler at me in the comments!

What’s your favorite Bible App reading plan?

5 replies on “The Most Comprehensive List of Bible Reading Plans”

alex you da man. i am using your info to find a reading plan for my 11 year old. for him to get a great presentation of spirituality via the bible.

i guess i am looking for something that lies between a reading plan and a type of cross-reference – i really like those websites that give all the relevant verses on a particular topic. i also like to do that myself: gather together a whole lot of verses from all over the place which tell me more about some aspect and list them one after the other in an order which I feel reveals God’s heart on that matter.

but in this case i am looking for something that will weave together an introduction and overview of our faith in the God of Abraham! so i guess it will include verses from different parts of the bible each day, but really coordinated in a strategic way.

so I will look for the reading plan which manages to weave together “The Story” in as rich a way as possible from the giant coded collection of parables that is our Bible. :)

Hi! I will download the App and check out the plans. I’m looking for a plan which has you read the same book of the Bible everyday for 30 days. Some books will need to be broken down in smaller sections. This may be more study than reading plan, but I’m looking for a plan to track my progress over the years.

hmmm. i haven’t stumbled across a plan like that. but if you do find one like it, let me know!

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