Deception is Easy

This past week (on the 18th), I celebrated my 11 year spiritual birthday.

The scary thing about that milestone . . . I believe I have reached a lethal level of understanding of the Christian faith.

One that would let me fake Christian maturity.

Surprisingly, that’s what’s come to mind as I’ve reflected on the past 11 years.

You get to a level where you can operate on cruise control despite a flailing relationship with God. You could be working at a church, leading a Bible study, talking with your accountability partner and nobody would know the difference.

You know all the right answers.

Moral of the story?

The further you walk with Jesus, the harder you have to fight to keep your relationship real and authentic.

3 replies on “Deception is Easy”

You hit the nail on the head. I have been meditating on the same the ideas lately too. I seem to always be able to track with you. If we lived closer I would love hang out and spend some time with you. Anyways, God has been showing and challenging me to strive to always live my life (and subsequently ministry – whatever level it may be) out of the overflow of a intimate relationship with Him. It’s way to easy to lead an unauthentic christian life that looks great to everyone on the outside, but know that the fruit will dry up and the anointing will diminish (especially in any sort of ministry role). Less of me, more of Him.

Yeah man. It’s scary. John 10:30 has been hitting home for me.

“I and the Father are one.”

Jesus had that deep intimacy with the Father. Also John 15:5 about remaining in Him.

Part of me feels like I’ve forgotten how. It’s now easier just to do stuff for God than connect with God on that deeper, more personal level.

But anyway, would definitely love to get together if I’m ever in the area. I have relatives I visit once in awhile in the Los Angeles area. How far is that from you?

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