How to Grow Spiritually and Save Time with Grace Letter

Here’s a little snippet I got in an email last week.

I realized last year that I spend tons of time researching dev [tech] related things on the web, yet I don’t spend anytime using it to learn about the Bible, Jesus, etc.

Ouch. Zing. *hangs head in shame*

I know that’s me.

What’s even more embarrassing is that last Thanksgiving (or was it the one before last?) I was most thankful for the Internet because of how much it’s enriched my life through the wealth of information instantly available.

True story. ;)

But 95% of my Internet usage is not for spiritual growth. It’s more for growth in other areas I’m interested in (writing, technology, personal development, etc.).

When you look at your time spent online, could that also be you?

How much time do you spend checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest compared to searching for spiritual content that will challenge you to grow, develop and become more like Jesus?

The truth is content on the Internet is overwhelming. Which is why I’m extremely excited about the launch of Grace Letter.

Grace Letter Logo

It’s a weekly newsletter that links to the best spiritual articles, videos and stories across the web – delivered straight to your inbox! It does all the hard work of sifting through the web’s noise and shares only the stuff worth checking out.

I highly recommend you subscribe.

Grace Letter is run by Kale Davis (the guy who sent me the email I quoted above). He’ll be the one scouring the web for spiritual gems to pass along and has a proven track record for delivering high quality links in the tech-newsletter he also manages (which I happily subscribe to).

His other newsletter is definitely the one I read the most regularly and get the most out of.

So I’m super confident Grace Letter will be of the same caliber.

</end Grace Letter plug> :)

Where do you go online to find spiritually yummy food? What are some blogs, pastors, podcasts, Christian authors you read regularly?

Maybe some of your suggestions will make it into an issue of Grace Letter!

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Hi from Brazil Alex. Tk’s for the tip and article. It’s true specially for those like us working hard online for our business clients.
God Bless ;-)

Greetings! Thanks for stopping by. Try not to work too hard. ;)

Sweet, thanks Adam! All of them have been subscribed to!

What do you like about those blogs?

Having other people or objects in this world to challenge for stuff is nice and all but I don’t think it’s all that useful in the long run.

In the end, I think the one thing that will truly challenge you is well, you. The one thing in the end that will challenge me is well, me.

Let me put it another way, once upon a time, people had 1/10,000th of the stuff we had today. They had 1/10,000th of the information, of the Bible, of the tweets, of the blogs, of the preachers, etc. Yet with information that in some cases was less than one scrap piece of paper – they believed. They trusted, they learned, and in some cases, they sacrificed their lives. They had faith.

In our world, we have blogs of preachers, books from everyone, written words, 99 translations of the Bible, and the entire maps of the Middle East printed out for our enjoyment. We have 10,000 the resources they did. I do wonder though, does this mean our faith is 10,000x stronger then theirs?

I agree that growth ultimately happens through your own desire for it. But at the same time, I believe there is a place for these types of things (Grace Letter).

In some way they provide an intermediate, more manageable step for people to engage God spiritually.

Someone may not open the Bible and read about being a lukewarm Christian, but they may watch Francis Chan speak about it and be challenged by it.

If you _only_ get spiritual food from an email newsletter like Grace Letter then in the long run you are falling short. But, that doesn’t mean Grace Letter is not effective over the long run.

It has the potential to challenge thousands (if not more) to go deeper with God on their own. To provide these little morsels of spiritual food that cause us to hunger and search for more.

I should have put a disclaimer: This comment is mostly focused towards the “American Christian.”

Not to say that Grace Letter (and similar things) is a bad thing, but I think in our world, people become TOO dependent on things like this.

“If you _only_ get spiritual food from an email newsletter like Grace Letter then in the long run you are falling short.”

That’s what a lot of people ARE doing. Devotionals, Preaching, etc – these aren’t bad in itself, they are just tools. It’s hard to explain but for some reason, people seem to take these tools and turn them into “God”.

“….provide these little morsels of spiritual food that cause us to hunger and search for more.”

And the food they look for to satisfy themselves is… ?

And the food they look for to satisfy themselves is… ?

The Sunday school answer would be appropriate here. Jesus. ;)

John 6:35 (NIV)
Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

Awesome! Just subscribed. Excited to see what awesomeness comes out of Grace Thru Faith!

And yeah, Francis Chan is money! Was just watching some of his BASIC videos a couple weeks ago.

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