Pushing or Pulling from God?

I find myself praying a lot lately.  Praying on the beach, in small group.  Over the phone with friends and in my own quiet times with Jesus.

But I’m laying here in bed asking myself when was the last time I just chilled with Jesus?

I’ve been praying for a lot people.  It’s been awesome.  The fact that I find myself praying so much for people is an answer to prayer.  But all this praying has been a “push” relationship with Jesus.  I’m pushing things his way and find myself not “pulling” much.

There’s just something about chillin’ with Jesus with no agenda.  It’s these times I find myself most at peace with God.  My spirit comes more in line with His Spirit.  My thoughts, His thoughts.  I get to pull from the very source of life.

Alex.  This is your reminder.  You need to chill with Jesus more.