Reminder to update your digital camera’s clock

When taking pictures in foreign countries (or differing time zones), remember to adjust your digital camera’s clock to reflect the new time zone.  That will save you _lots_ of time when you go to organize them later.

It’ll prevent you from taking New Year’s pictures in Taiwan but having them show up as being taken at 8:59 AM (instead of 11:59 PM) on December 31st.

And here’s a bonus tip for people who like to consolidate pictures from multiple cameras: have a camera syncing party before all the picture taking festivities.  The party is simple; have everyone update the clocks on their digital camera to the same time (accurate to the second if possible).

Now when you consolidate pictures, you can organize them by the date they were taken and have an accurate listing from multiple cameras.

Tips like these will make your presentation a lot more accurate and user friendly when posting to sites like Flickr.

Also don’t forget to update your clock during periods of daylight savings.