Race Planning Using the SuperPower Calculator

It all comes down to this: race day.

Everything you’ve done in training was to prepare you physically and mentally to show up on race day and perform your best. With the hard part complete, there’s one more thing you can do to boost your odds of executing well on race day.

I consider this the fun part: Create a solid race plan.

If there’s anywhere running with power outclasses pace-based running, it’s on race day. With some metrics only power-based running provides, you can craft a race strategy that:

  • Is perfectly tailored to your current fitness and unique running traits.
  • Provides a target range to work within the race.
  • Can accurately estimate finish time (even factoring in a course’s elevation profile).

Gone are the days of going out too fast only to crash and burn before the finish line, asking yourself, “Am I running too hard up this hill?”, or feeling like you had more in the tank at the end.

So, let’s start planning your race strategy!

Remember, if you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail.

H.K. Williams