Too Much Cheese Makes You Selfish

Cheese Wedges

Occasionally I pray for a miraculous supply of never ending cheese. I know God’s done it before with flour and oil (1 Kings 17:14), so why not cheese?

Or, how about garlic bread made with Texas toast? And when I’m feeling extra bold and full of faith, I pray for all-you-can-eat filet mignon. Is that too much to ask for God!?

That would for be the life for sure.

I never hesitate to eat a heaping portion of cheese whenever there’s an opportunity. But why is it that I fail to seize every opportunity God gives me to demonstrate his love to others, be obedient to His word and follow through on conviction from the Holy Spirit?

Just a few weeks ago a random, flamboyantly gay guy (Jeremy) comes crashing a dinner party with some friends of mine. We’re outside eating by the fire pit when he comes stumbling by drunk and high. It’s pretty obvious Jeremy’s fully committed to staying, so I say a few polite things to him but essentially ignore him the rest of the night.

In my mind, I’m thinking I’m tired; I’m ready to go home. This is my safe place among friends. My ministry/pastor hat is off. Let me just enjoy a night relaxing before the long Sunday ahead.

I even handed him an invite card to church. What more do you want from me God?

A lot more.

Here is a kid that is lost and caught up in a world of sin that will only lead to death (James 1:15). Standing next to a pastor who knows the love of Christ and has seen his redemptive power firsthand but didn’t do anything about it.

I ate the cheese.

My selfishness brought about immediate satisfaction at the expense of Jeremy’s eternal salvation.

Everyday is a limitless supply of selfish opportunities and God opportunities. Don’t be selfish. (click to tweet.)

Choose to be the light and love of Christ in a world that so desperately needs it.

What helps you be less selfish? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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I often find myself busy in my store, Christian music playing overhead, crosses and scripture placed neatly on the walls, pillows, and plaques throughout but forget to verbally share my testimony or the gospel when prompted by God. It’s not enough to plaster His message all over our homes, cars, and offices. He demands complete obedience. That means sharing His message with others daily…not when we feel like it, or when we’re not busy, but daily. Today, I was having a typical day when a lady entered my store. She thanked me for being an openly Christian based business. I watched as she admired some barn-wood, barbed wire crosses on the wall. She seemed to get lost in their rugged beauty. I went to ask her if she had any questions but instead, out of nowhere, I began to share with her what I saw when I looked at these crosses. The rugged wood, filled with cracks and holes reminds me of how broken my life was before Christ. The rusty barbed wire reminds me of all the pain I endured before becoming obedient to Him. But the entire piece reminds me of His sacrifice for me and how He has taken something so jagged and broken and made something uniquely beautiful. She began to cry and share how torn this past week has made her feel. She said she has had more struggles this week with her son’s illness than any week before. When she looks at the piece, it reminds her of how we sometimes go through tough times that make us feel worthless and discarded (like the old barn wood and rusty barbed wire) but that in God’s eyes, and because of what He did for us, we are beautiful and priceless. Sometimes just sharing your personal story is all that is required to minister to someone. I shared my personal testimony with her, and she with me. We ministered to each other without purpose. The beauty is that I said to her what she needed to hear and she did the same for me. I learned that when I let the Holy Spirit lead to me and work through me, not only will He bless them through me, but I too will be blessed. It’s days like today that remind me to put myself aside and let the Lord work through me when He leads me to do so.

Wow, that’s an incredible story! It’s a great example of the opportunities and blessings that come each day if we have eyes to see and take advantage of them.

Way to seize that opportunity and let God use your to encourage that lady!

Hey, Alex! Wow! A miraculous supply of never-ending cheese would be great. The irony of eating a grilled cheese sandwich while reading your blog is amusing. LOL! :-D I liked your message… it’s difficult to always be on-point when you’re trying to relax and unwind. It’s a good reminder to be ready in season and out of season, though it’s not easy. Your encouragement is inspirational… no more cheese for me tonight! :-D

Haha. Eating a grilled cheese while reading this post is pretty hilarious.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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