You and I Are Both in Full-Time Ministry

Let’s play a word association game. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the following words/phrases.

  • Hipster
  • Netflix
  • Full-time ministry

My answers would be: skinny jeans, binge watching and working at a church.

Since I work at a church, people often ask me what it’s like to be in full-time ministry.

I hate this question.

It implies I’m in full-time ministry and you are not. Here’s the truth. If you’re a Christian, you are in full-time ministry.

Full-time ministry is not what your job is. It's the attitude you go into every day with.Click To Tweet

So how about you tell me, what’s it like being in full-time ministry? What are ways we can all have that mindset each day?

2 replies on “You and I Are Both in Full-Time Ministry”

I feel like am in full time ministry with my family. I take care of their needs. I help my husband with his card ministry at church. He helps me with my Bible Studies I conduct and helps me when I do prison ministry. I am a substance abuse counselor and have 54 people on my case load so I do ministry there. Some co-workers sometimes have issues so I am a minister too. I try to post uplifting Facebook comments so I am a minister too. I pray for people who don’t even know I am praying for them so I am minister there. I volunteer for the church advisory counselor so I minister to my church in a corporate sense. I helped my neighbor across the street get a job and took a casserole over there. Just listing all this stuff makes me tired and did not realize I did so much ministry. God must be helping me because it does not seem like work to me.

you are absolutely in full time ministry! so great to hear how God’s using you in different ways and with different people. and that it’s not a burden to you. sounds like you’re in a sweet spot of ministry!

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