Busting Up a James Commentary

The Letter of James (book cover)This past week I decided to “bust up” a commentary on the book of James. Don’t ask me what “to bust up” means.  Ask Mike Doughty.  He’s the one who wrote “Busting Up A Starbucks.”

But anyway.

For however many posts it’ll take, I’m going to synthesize what I read into a series of digestible blog posts.

Both as an effort to make me learn the material better and also to increase your James IQ.  Each blog post can be viewed as a CliffsNotes (did you know it’s actually CliffsNotes and not Cliff Notes?) version of the section I’m reading.

The commentary I chose was written by my boy Douglas J. Moo.  I chose it because of the high number of positive reviews on and because I know Moo is a very well respected New Testament scholar.

That’s why he’s my boy.

DJ Moo and A-Tran tag-teaming to bring you the best of James.  ;)