Running Headphones

Jabra Elite Active 75t Review: The Real Deal For Running

Over the years, I’ve used various wired, wireless, and true wireless headphones for running. It’s safe to say the Jabra Elite Active 75t are, by far, the best running headphones I’ve owned.

A handful of things really stand out about them:

  • The secure and comfortable fit. This is probably the thing that surprised me the most. I didn’t think these headphones would fit as well as they do.
  • They’re fantastic all-around headphones. They seamlessly transition from running and other physical activities to daily at home/office use really well (for phone calls or listening to music at work).
  • The sound quality is terrific for running headphones. Especially after adjusting the EQ in the Jabra Sound+ iPhone/Android app.
  • A well-designed smartphone app. It lets you customize a lot of useful things (EQ, headphone settings/buttons, etc.).

Now let’s dive into specific areas, including things I don’t like about them, who they’re not for, and a budget-friendlier alternative.