Is 2 hours and 10 years worth infinite influence for Jesus?

Ponder with me . . . pick something you’d like to be good at and think of the results you could have if for the next ten years you spent two hours a day everyday deliberately practicing that “craft.”

According to the research conducted in what’s called the Expert Performance Movement, if pondering the above went into practicing the above, you would be approaching superstar status in your craft. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet. Those kinds of superstars.

Now ponder with me . . . pick something you could do that would advance the Kingdom of God. That would reach a community with the love of Jesus. That would train fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

What kind of results would we have?

You better believe we would have results. We would be uber-influential for Jesus. God’s army would be ridiculously larger.

But is that worth it to you? Is it worth even just 30 minutes a day?

What if we were to create a growth environment focusing specifically on one thing for the next ten years?

What would you focus on?

1 thing. 10 years. You can make a difference.

Further Reading

Check out some of these other articles on the idea of “deliberate practice” and frame the concept into something that would be of value to Jesus. ;)

Studying the Bible. Leading small groups and volunteer teams. Preaching. Sharing Jesus to random strangers. Reaching out to the lost and hurting of your community.

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