Like Mother, Like Son (Poems by Alex Tran)

I was flipping through some of my old documents and ran across this collection of poems. I wrote them for my mom last year as a Christmas present.

Contrary to popular belief, I do occasional give Christmas presents. ;)

Each poem has a different rhyming scheme. I don’t remember which is which, but Wikipedia was my source. ;)

5 replies on “Like Mother, Like Son (Poems by Alex Tran)”

Praising God for the great mom you have! I love your heart Alex…You are surely a joy and blessing to her! What a great gift you gave her in these poems from your heart. Thank you for sharing them.

I must say ~ I just saw your blog for the first time right now (I’m not sure why I haven’t checked it out before ~ for that, I apologize). This is awesome!! You are extremely creative. :-) Awesome.

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