Someone Wants to Follow. Ask.

Who can you ask? Who can you bring along? What can you do together?

I’m a pretty strong introvert, so I tend to want to do most things by myself. Unfortunately, the discipleship process is not an introverted, single person activity. It requires we engage in the lives of others.

We follow Christ in our lives, therefore, we should teach others to follow Him as well.

An easy, informal way to do that is by answering the questions above. When you look at your spiritual life, what are some areas/things that could be done with another person?

Here are some things I could ask someone else to do with me.

  • Weekly Scripture memory.
  • Follow the same Bible reading plan.
  • Do a S.O.A.P. devotional once a week together (journal privately, but share openly).
  • Have a night of prayer and worship.
  • Attend a small group.
  • Do something fun.

Taking what we already do and bringing someone along is a sure-fire, easy way to spiritually impact someone’s life.

It’s as simple as asking.

Jesus asked his disciples to follow him. That simple act was the start of a long-term, fruitful relationship (minus Judas Iscariot).

All with a simple question.