Transitioning from student to teacher?

This is going to be an uncharacteristic blog post. Meaning it hasn’t been super thought out and taken me two hours to write. I’m going to go against the norm and pound this thought out in 15 minutes.

Let’s see how I do . . .

I’m chillin’ here trying to sleep, but my ankle hurts like crazy. I’m six months post-surgery on my Achilles tendon and think I’ve been too active too soon on it. Thus why my leg feels like that of an 80 year old man.

One of the things that worries me (slightly) is if I’ll ever be 100% again. I take a lot of joy (and pride?) from being active and good at most anything requiring hand/eye coordination. I’m wondering if I’m getting old (I’m 29) and all physical activity from here will be downhill.

And basically the things I was once good at I will no longer be.

It makes me think of the things I’m good at and that bring me happiness. It makes me think about how my job at the church has become less of what I’m good at and more of what I’m not good at.

I wonder if my strength is now no longer how well I can do things or how good I can be at sports? How lean and semantically correct of a website I can code.

But who can I teach. Who can I coach to become better at me in those areas?

Really, it comes down to is my focus now less on perfecting my craft but more on helping others perfect their craft? Less what I can do, but who else can do it. And how can I help them do it better than I ever could?

It is the concept of building disciples.

Our mission as Christians is to go and build disciples. To teach them to obey God’s commandments. Matthew 28:19-20.

Have I now become less student and more teacher?

Rather than being about what I used to be able to do or what I can accomplish myself, but what knowledge can I impart to others?

Is this a transition in mindset everyone makes as they get older?

All you wise and experienced readers should chime in here. ;)