Would Jesus Divorce You?

I’ve been irked at myself lately.

Imagine for a second I’m *gasp* married. Here would be a typical day/week in my married life.


I’d read or listen to this incredible biography about my beautiful wife. It reminds me of how amazing she is.

Work days…

When I get to work, I look at this note card I’ve taped to my laptop. It has a quote from the biography I’m reading; something I thought would be worth remembering about my wife.

During lunch I’ll thank my wife for the  yummy food she’s given me. Mmmm, food.


Every once in awhile I may want to sing some songs about my wife. I want her to know how much I love her and tell her how appreciative I am of her sacrifices and that she’s in my life. I’ll also tell her what I’m struggling with and how she could help me.

Before bed I’ll thank my wife for spending the day with me. And that I love her.


On Sundays I’ll sing some more about my wife. This time with thousands of others who love their wives just as much as I do. Someone will also do a teaching on my wife’s biography. It’ll help me understand the subtle complexities of her personality.

Then on Tuesdays I’ll get together with a smaller group of 15 and we’ll talk about what we learned about our wives and how we can be better husbands.

What’s Been Irking Me

We talk so much about Christianity being a relationship with Jesus, but sometimes, it doesn’t even resemble a healthy relationship.

And I’m ticked off at myself at how I’ve let the act of doing replace the act of being.

If you insert Jesus everywhere I talk about my wife above, you’d have an accurate portrayal of the “relationship” I have with Jesus.

Continue that type of relationship for any length of time and it’ll eventually lead to divorce. Not once during my daily/weekly routine do I ever engage Jesus directly.

There is no deeper, intimate connection.

It’s always peripheral.

What is Jesus saying? What does he miss about the good ol’ days with me? How does he want me to spend time with Him?

I would never know.

It’s as if Jesus follows me all day, but I never once turn towards Him and have any meaningful conversation. But I talk about Him a lot!

Relationship fail.

Luke 10:39-42 (NIV)
39 She [Martha] had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said. 40 But Martha was distracted…

41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better…”

This is an area that will always be a constant struggle for Christians. What are some ways you guard and fight to keep your relationship with God healthy. One that actual resembles a mutual, two-way relationship?

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Welcome to the inner pathways of the narrow gate. One of the hardest and most difficult treks any mortal human can take. At the same time, the narrower the path, the more exciting and adventurous this journey will take you. By choosing this path, you will now leave the comfortable path of knowing what happens to the adventurous unknown where Jesus, Father, and Holy Spirit will educate, teach, and most importantly (and hopefully) be your best friend.

As you build this relationship, you will know more about Him as He will know more about you.

So I wish you luck in what will be one of the most difficult yet coolest journey you’ve ever faced. Oh, there’s no turning back. If you want to turn back, now is the time.

Otherwise, welcome to John 15 – which is pretty much a good introduction to this path. There really is only one way this path will take you, that is forward!

P.S. Not to say it’s an easy forward. There are so many days you’ll be crawling on all 4’s trying to continue on this path…..but the background scenery you’ll be surrounded by is breathtaking!

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