How to Fail Asking for Wisdom 101

I got my report card today.  I flunked.  Pretty badly.

James says if you need wisdom, ask for it (James 1:5).  He also says not to doubt you’ll receive it when you ask for it (James 1:6).

The visual he uses of a person doubting works pretty darn well in my case.  Like a wave toseed back and forth.  One day you think God is telling you to go this way, the next day you think he’s telling you to go the the opposite way.

A butterfly flaps its wings and all of a sudden what you once believe God spoke clearly and audible about must have just been indigestion. It was your “fleshly self” that was speaking.

James 1:8 is another good description of where I’m at.  Double-minded and unstable.  You’d think having two minds would make you smarter.


That second mind is about as useful as a wart growing out of your right foot’s ring toe.

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Heh. Not Gus. Mort! Gus’ little brother on the other foot.

I’m not so sure about this whole being created in God’s image thing. Was God prone to warts on his toes? ;)

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