The Reason We Sacrifice

We give up things we love for things we love even more.

On first glance, that quote probably rings true for you. Right? You would give up ______ for _______.

It’s an easy trade when you know what you’re trading for. Especially if it’s something you know you “love even more.” What’s not easy is trading something you love now for something unknown later.

Yet that’s the exact position God often places us in.

The dream job you have now. The boyfriend/girlfriend that seems like the perfect match. The thriving ministry you’re currently leading. The comfortable life you’re living.

If God asks, trade it in for the unknown. Sacrifice it.

The hardest part for me is truly believing what’s on the other end will be something I’ll love even more than what I have now.

But the truth is that mindset is selfish.

It puts the focus on what you’re receiving rather than who you’re giving to.

We give up things we love for things we love even more. It’s an honor to sacrifice for Christ and His church.

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Unfortunately, all observations I’m learning the hard way!

This post came out of a season of not really wanting to “let go and let God.”

Finally decided to let go last week after a couple month wrestling match. In hindsight, what I was holding on to was so stinking trivial I feel silly. ;)

Awesome! Thanks for the reminder Alex! I shared this with a few people at work and a ton of friends too.

Hehe. How old do you think I am? Keep in mind I have the Asian “we age well” genes. ;)

I’m actually the big 3-0!

Thanks for your encouragement!

BRILLIANT! Preach it, brother! *shouts out best S/Baptist “Amen”*

You’ve got it in one! I am so excited about what happens next. About the UNSEEN. Oh boy, somethin’ big’s a’comin’! Can’t sit still!

Reckon you’ll be right there on this journey, bro! More to come. You’ll see!

Thanks for reading/commenting Mark!

I can hear the Southern Baptist amen coming through loud and clear. ;)

You’re totally spot on!

Was hoping to delve into the faith/trust aspect in this post, but the words weren’t clicking, so I left that part out. #sadtrombone

For another time perhaps!

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