How to Display Power and Non-Power Metrics on a Single Garmin Data Screen

Once you start actively training with a Stryd foot pod and power, it won’t take long before you realize the out-of-the-box functionality is limited when it comes to displaying power metrics in real time.

With the Stryd Zones Connect IQ (CIQ) data field, you are limited to just showing two metrics at a time and those metrics have to be power-based (i.e. pace, distance, and time metrics aren’t supported).

The challenge is most runners will want at least two power fields visible (e.g. current power and lap power) along with distance or time fields.

So, how do we get more flexibility than the Stryd Zones data field?

You install another CIQ data field called Run Power by FlowState. Not only is it one of the most flexible data fields for running with power, but it’s free and supports a wide range of Garmin watches.

The rest of this post will show you how to install and get started with the Run Power data field. 


The Best Things of 2017

Every year, I find myself exploring far and wide for the best the world has to offer. I scour reviews for books, movies, and TV shows. I install and try a lot of iPhone or Mac apps until I find the best one. I listen to different podcasts. I research products and services before I spend my hard-earned money.

Which means at the end of the year, I have a list of things I can confidently recommend based on my experience.

Below you’ll find my collection of those things from 2017 grouped into various categories.

If you try any of these things, I hope you’ll find as much joy in themĀ as I have!

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How to Dig Yourself out of a Bible-Reading Rut

In college, I remember a piece of surprising advice. I remember thinking, “Is that something a Christian is allowed to say?”

A friend shared how reading the Bible had gotten boring and monotonous for him. To which someone suggested he stop reading the Bible for a season.

Say, what!?

I’m surprised my friend didn’t turn into a pillar of salt after giving that advice.

But many years later, I get the underlying principle. Sometimes you just need to shift things up when you’re in a dry season.

To maximize the Word’s impact on our lives, we need a consistent habit. But to keep that habit from going stale, we need to vary our approach so our reading remains fresh.

So here are some different ideas to try if you find yourself in a Bible-reading rut.


I got convicted

Frog Stealing MoneyConviction come’s in the weirdest ways sometimes.

Over the past year, I’ve gotten more serious about running. Initially, I chose running because it was cheap way to stay fit. Hah, what a lie. Running hasn’t been cheap. But that’s a post for another time.

As my pocket book dwindled from one running purchase after another, you better believe I jumped at the chance to become a brand ambassador for Janji. Perks included a racing singlet and 35% off future purchases.

In my head, I imagined this equation:

Sale items + 35% off = #winning

The only roadblock?

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5 Lessons from 15 Years as a Christian

Today (October 18, 2015) is a significant milestone in my faith journey.

Fifteen years ago today, sitting at my computer in my dorm room, I gave my life to Christ and began a relationship with him. Along with that milestone, I also hit 10 years in full-time church ministry last month.

So I thought it’d be fun to reflect back and jot down a few lessons I’ve learned along the way.